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Jallikattu and Tamil Nadu Victimhood

Embracing the bull has been a topic of fiery debate in Tamil Nadu for quite some time now. “ Jallikattu ” or “Eru Thazhuvuthal” (literally, embrace the bull) is a traditional bull taming sport and is part of Pongal celebrations dating back to the Tamil Classic Period (400-100B.C.). But, today, has the sport become a rallying cry for Tamil identity or is it a culmination of recent events in Chennai? What about Jallikattu threatened the Tamil’s identity? Are they playing out the abandoned...


Diversifying India’s Food Basket: NBA outlines the critical role of biodiversity

Our food basket is increasingly being confined to a few select crops and cereals. Yet, our nation is endowed with a huge variety - a rich biodiversity, which provides of a complex stock of animals, plant and micro-organisms at genetic, species and eco-system levels. India needs to look beyond performance and diversify with biodiversity as the as a key functionary of the agro-ecosystem. Policies are thus urgently needed to promote a robust and sustainable agro-process through the biodiversity route.


Suckerfish: Darling of aquariums, terror of open waters

Pterygoplichthys or commonly known as Janitor fish or sailfin armoured catfish and popular in India as suckerfish have severely invaded inland water bodies in India.


Stevia: The Sweet Leaf

The sweet leaf, also known as the honey herb, is nowadays being used as an alternative for sugar. It is also used to treat a gamut of problems from diabetes obesity, hypertension, physical fatigue, and heart burn to even dental decay as the leaves are endowed with significant medicinal properties. A native of Paraguay and named after the Spanish botanist P. J. Esteve, the plant has been used as a natural sweetener for centuries in South America, especially by the Guarani Indians in Paraguay. In Japan,...

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Ashwagandha, also known as the Indian ginseng, is renowned for its medicinal value and considered a true gift of nature. A rejuvenative herb, it promotes energy and vitality and has been used for centuries for its restorative properties to remedy conditions of weakness. This 'White Cherry' improves the body's ability to adapt to various types of stress. It is especially beneficial in disorders such as arthritis, hypertension, diabetes and general debility. It is known as Asgandh, Punir and Askandhatilti...

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Parliamentary Committee recommends for a National Policy on Forest Fires

The Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science & Technology, Environment & Forests, under the Chairpersonship of Renuka Chowdhury, Member of Parliament presented its Two Hundred and Ninety-third Report on ‘Forest Fires and its Effect on Environment, Forests, Bio-diversity and Wildlife and remedial/preventive measures’ to both the Houses of Parliament on December 16, 2016. Uncontrollable and devastating forest fires ravaged the Himalayan states of Uttarakhand, Himachal...


Phytoliths: Aid to bio-sequestration

Increased carbon dioxide concentration in the environment is currently a major problem. Since nature has significantly occluded carbon by burying it into the soil for millions of years in the form of fossil phytoliths, this can serve as a probable method of carbon bio-sequestration.


Is Pulses Revolution a possibility?

The neglect of pulses saw them being relegated to marginal lands during the Green Revolution, even as rice and wheat production grew manifold. As India grapples with a demand-supply gap it is time, through technological breakthroughs, right policies and incentives to farmers to bridge this gap. The widening gap between demand and supply of pulses in India and the resulting inflation and increasing imports has highlighted the neglect that these protein-rich leguminous crops suffered for decades,...


Modern Day Relevance of von Thünen

September 26, 2016 Who was he? As the name suggests, Johann Heinrich von Thünen was a German, who acquired a large agricultural estate, Tellow, in 1810. If you try to locate this on the map you will find it close to the town of Rostok, in Macklenburg, on the Baltic coast of erstwhile East Germany. He successfully managed his estate for forty long years, till he passed away in 1850. What did he do? During the forty years of his lifetime, he consulted a mass of minutely documented data on input...

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Agro-Advisory Services and Food Security

The IMD’s agromet services for farmers are proving to be extremely useful to fight the threat of increasingly frequent climate uncertainties, and helping farmers hold out against extreme temperatures that can cause large-scale crop loss.