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Copper Industry’s Challenges and India’s status

Copper is an important metal since ages and has wide uses. The copper industry has been struggling for some time now due to cheap imports and lop sided policies.

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A Crazy New Concept – Vertical Forest

Deforestation and pollution have become a serious trouble and are even more of a concern in big cities with the air quality being constantly deteriorated by the fumes from vehicles and industries. And while the pollution is increasing, the green cover required to combat is decreasing, mainly to clear space for human settlement. Hence, our cities are turning into concrete jungles with the quality of air decreasing, thus increasing the chance of a variety of diseases. To combat this a new idea has been...


Paris Agreement Comes Into Force

The Paris Climate Agreement  became operational from November 4, 2016. To mark the historic occasion, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris were lit up in celebration. And the celebration was indeed justified, given the fact that it has entered into into force in about one eighth of the time it took the Kyoto protocol to achieve the same milestone, as pointed out by The Guardian on the day (The Guardian, 2016). The threshold for the Agreement to come into operation was achieved on October...


No to ‘Vote on Account’: A Welcome Reform

After  Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister of India, expectations on several fronts, including parliamentary reforms rose. The status quoist attitude of the previous governments influenced people's thinking and turned Indian bureaucracy lethargic. The change of power happened in 2014 on the promise of change. It took around two years to bring the goods and services tax preliminary legislation on track, which will be a landmark reform in our indirect taxation system. The Planning Commission...


BREXIT: What Next?

Xenophobia and hatred have been the prime drivers of Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU). But there are latent dimensions to the vote, which are as yet unassesed.

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World Bank ranks Andhra no 1 in Energy Efficiency

The World Bank has ranked Andhra Pradesh as number 1 in ‘Energy Efficiency Implementation Readiness’. The World Bank was particularly impressed with the effective implementation of energy efficiency and energy conservation in Andhra Pradesh, which saw about 1500 MU of Annual Energy Savings within a span of two years through the adoption of LED technology in domestic and urban street lighting sectors. Andhra Pradesh scored an overall 42.01 in energy efficiency, securing the first rank, followed...

Renewable Energy

Business Model for Rooftop Solar In India

As India aims to become a global leader in rooftop solar power, a third party financing model could help unleash the industry’s significant potential—with the right policies and financial instruments.

Renewable Energy

India: Topping in Renewables

India figured among the top five nations, both in terms of investment and total capacity generation of renewables in 2015, as per the Renewables 2016 Global Status Report.


Challenges of Mining in India

India has the onerous distinction of having the highest taxation and royalty rates for the mining sector. This mars the overall competitive edge of mining firms.


India’s Poverty Line: Changing Perspectives

Several expert committees have been constituted in the past for proposing a conceptual framework and empirical procedure for determining the poverty line. Yet, an acceptable methodology remains elusive for identifying the most vulnerable and deserving segments of population for effective policy intervention.