Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics Quiz 2

We hope that you enjoyed playing our first quiz. Here is the next set of ten questions on plate tectonics and related topics. If you can solve this then you are simply great. Do let us know your scores - all comments are welcome. [os-widget path="/pranav1/inquest-2" of="pranav1" comments="false"]

Urban Geography

Urban Geography Quiz 1

It is but obvious that urban geography is the study of urban areas. But how deeply do you know about the subject? If you can tackle the following ten questions, then you must be a master of urban geography. Happy brain storming. [os-widget path="/pranav1/urban-geography-quiz-1" of="pranav1" comments="false"]

India and the World

India and the World Quiz 1

This quiz is an ego booster. It is based on general geography. And geography is just not about names of places. Play now. [os-widget path="/pranav1/geography-quiz" of="pranav1" comments="false"]


Geomorphology Quiz 1

Planet earth has numerous hills, mountains, rivers, plains, etc, beside which you may have enjoyed picnics. But do you know who discovered the processes that led their formation? Try tackling this quiz to address all your geomorphology queries. [os-widget path="/pranav1/geomorphology-quiz-1" of="pranav1" comments="false"]]


Global Warming

Here is an exercise that is intended to introduce you to a gamut of technical terms pertaining to a warming environment. Pick the right option and let us know how you fared. [os-widget path="/pranav1/quiz-11" of="pranav1" comments="false"]



India has a history of earthquakes. The frequency of occurrence of earthquakes is continuously intensifying as the Indian plate is driving into Asia. Here is a quiz that  has short explanations too. Try it out for a quick learning experience. [os-widget path="/pranav1/earthquakes-quiz-1" of="pranav1" comments="false"]


Understanding Land Acquisition

Here are some terms that are waiting for you to unravel in the perspective of the New Land Act 2013—get the right answer before your land is acquired. Let us know whether you could keep your land or lost it. [os-widget path="/pranav1/quiz-1" of="pranav1" comments="false"]  

Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics Quiz 1

We present to you a series of quizzes based on various topics relating to geography, environment, climate and livelihood. The questions will be released in sets of ten everyday. Our first set of questions are based on plate tectonics. Check how much you know about the subject by going through this quiz. [os-widget path="/pranav1/inquest-1" of="pranav1" comments="false"]