Urban Space Theories

The growth in towns and cities across the world be it developed or developing, industrialist or pre-industrial, has fueled man's appetite to be informed about the spatial aspects of cities-their location, growth and relationship both one with another and with their surrounding regions. However, the recurrent pattern of urban land use has to be formulated and for that a fair knowledge and understanding of laws and theories is required. Therefore, let us take a journey of laws and theories of urban...


Living Spaces: A Succinct Settlement Story

Man, needs shelter! It is one of his earliest demands from the environment that he constantly struggles with. No wonder each and every traditional house type reflects this bond. Then over time this relationship grew like an organism into an intricate meshwork of cultures, religions and customs that determined how a man built his living space. An enchanting story indeed. Research on this aspect is so captivating that it opens newer vistas of knowledge unendingly. However before embarking on this...


The City Scape: Understanding the Urban Settlement

The word urban underlies a basic theme. One that its population size is larger than its rural counterpart, two that its size is definitely larger and three that its functions are varied. Function is probably the most important criterion to define a town. The other criteria are population size and population density. Different countries have different parameters to explain an urban space. India has one too. In India, the criteria for identifying urban places kept changing with time. The frequent...

Crops # Education


Ashwagandha, also known as the Indian ginseng, is renowned for its medicinal value and considered a true gift of nature. A rejuvenative herb, it promotes energy and vitality and has been used for centuries for its restorative properties to remedy conditions of weakness. This 'White Cherry' improves the body's ability to adapt to various types of stress. It is especially beneficial in disorders such as arthritis, hypertension, diabetes and general debility. It is known as Asgandh, Punir and Askandhatilti...


Are geographers part of the GIS discourse

GIS has effectively entered multiple disciplines of health, education, power etc., areas that have a fair number of geographers conducting research. As far as India is concerned, statistics prove that GIS has not been taken up in a big way, neither by the academia, nor by the market. And as far as geographers are concerned, GIS opportunities are just beginning to emerge. GIS offers a mixed bag of opportunities for assessing the worth of geographers in the market. But in the meantime, instead...


Not religion, geography matters

India’s socio-cultural behaviour is dictated by the region that a community inhabits rather that their religious affinity.


Delhi government’s puny measures for a monstrous calamity

With the continuing deterioration in the air quality, the Delhi government went into a flurry of activities and announced some half-baked interim measures. After the heightened alarm raised by the environment lobby and Delhi citizens on Sunday, November 6, 2016, claiming that the city has turned into a gas chamber, the Delhi government is putting out meager measures to help alleviate the situation (see alarming PM 2.5 situation in table 1). Table 1: PM 2.5 values of Delhi between 2 to 7 November,...


The Smog Thickens

The way things are going probably in a few days we will find ourselves fighting to breathe.


Avian Flu (Update)

Although, a bird suffering from avian influenza will show no sign of illness, it can result in large-scale outbreaks where mass culling of fowl raised for human consumption could be required in order to contain the infection. The national zoo and deer park in New Delhi is indefinitely closed in current scenario. The death of almost a dozen of water birds in the city, due to bird flu, has raised the collective alarm about how to contain the spread and whether humans are at stake. India intermittently suffers the infection, with annual regularity. The essay examines the issue and speaks to experts about whether there is any cause of panic.


India: Discovering the Desi Dinosaurs

Yes, yes, yes, even India had dinosaurs stomping through its lush forests and open pastures. Forgive us for breaking your pre-conceived notion that the makers of Jurassic Park series owned all dinosaurs, fossilized or otherwise. In the early 1800s European priests and doctors visiting India found ample dinosaur remains strewn about the place. In fact, one such gentleman - a captain, is fondly remembered with the city Sleemanabad (located midway between Allahabad and Jabalpur) dedicated to him....