14 Per cent Deficient Rains in the Past Week

By: Staff Reporter

New Delhi, July 4 (G’nY News Service): After receiving sufficiently well rainfall in the month of June, the first week of July witnessed deficient rainfall in most parts of India. The rainfall in the past week (29 June – 4 July) was observed to be 14% below normal.

With some cities experiencing dry spells, other regions like Darjeeling and Uttarakhand witnessed heavy rainfall.

The forecast of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) released on Thursday predicts better rains in the next week. According to IMD, July 6- 10 will experience rainfall above normal. The regions of northwest, central and eastern India is expected to benefit the most out of it.

Because of the deficient rainfall in the past week, the fear of drought has also resurfaced.
According to Accuweather, a private weather forecast agency, El- Nino is again asserting itself. This may prove distressful for North-Western India which includes the states of Punjab and Haryana.

If the monsoon picks up rapidly, drought like situations may be avoided.Other states like Odisha and Madhya Pradesh are predicted to receive heavy rainfall the next week.

14 per cent

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