Coastal Pollution

Marine and Coastal Pollution in India- An Overview

Coastal and estuarine ecosystems are heavily influenced by the human species through pollution and habitat loss. Coastal pollution and its impacts have resulted in a number of environmental issues including the enrichment of enclosed waters with organic matter, pollution by chemicals such as oil, and sedimentation due to land-based activities. India is blessed with a […]

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western ghats

Seven new night frogs discovered in the Western Ghats

Seven new endemic species of Nyctibatrachus, or night frogs have been discovered after six years of intensive field surveys and collection of specimens in forests of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, in Southern Western Ghats, India by a team of researchers from the University of Delhi and the Kerala Forest Department. Four out of the seven […]

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Lantana Camara

Lantana Camara- Devouring the forests of India

Lantana Camara is one such invasive species that since its introduction has become widespread from Southern India forests to Himalaya foothills.Lantana not only spreads fast but does not allow grass, shrubs or any other plant in its vicinity to grow leading to the migration or decline in the number of herbivores ultimately affecting the carnivores […]

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Polarstern to study the Arctic Sea in a one year mission

In one of the most ambitious Arctic research expedition in history, Germany is going to sail its 120m-long research vessel, the Polarstern and allow it to drift into sea ice for a year-long expedition. The Mosaic (Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate) mission will be the first since Nansen’s as to understand […]

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Barren Island volcano

Barren Island volcano in the Andaman basin is active

Barren Island volcano, located 140 km Northeast of Port Blair, is active and spewing smoke and lava again as reported by a team of scientists from CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography (CSIR-NIO), Goa. The scientific team led by Chief Scientist Dr Abhay V Mudholkar, on board CSIR-NIO’s research ship RV Sindhu Sankalp were busy collecting sea […]

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Freshwater fish found in the Himalayan river basin under threat

Freshwater fish in India, especially the ones that occupy cold-water regimes, are increasingly becoming threatened due to overexploitation, loss of biodiversity and anthropogenic interventions. Angling is a good way to raise awareness about freshwater fish, where fishing is engaged in as a sport. The fish is released once the catch is measured and photographed. India’s mahseer […]

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