Earth Hour

Earth Hour – Switch off the lights, to brighten our future

The world will be switching off lights to brighten the future by participating in the global event of Earth Hour. Hundreds of millions of people in countries across continents will show how much they care about the earth by switching their lights off at 8:30 pm on March 25 for an hour. What is Earth […]

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Types of Forests In India

Types of Forests In India and International Forest Day

Covering one-third of Earth’s landmass, forests perform vital tasks across the globe. Different types of forests in India and the world provide green cover to being the biosphere reserves, forests have a lot of importance with over 1.6 billion people, including over 2,000 native cultures directly depending upon the forests. The forests provide livelihoods, shelter, […]

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Wheat Crop

Wheat Crop in India – the Productivity Woes

Wheat crop is India’s prime most staple harvest, placed second only to rice. It is mostly consumed in the north and north-west parts of the country. Being rich in protein, vitamin and carbohydrates, it provides a balanced food to millions of people each day! Wheat crop cultivation in India has a long history, with some early […]

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India’s Faulty Mining And Mineral Policy: The Loopholes

With several mineral deposits, India ranks first in the production of coal, iron ore, chromite, mica, and bauxite. Besides, it has large deposits of building stones such as granite, marble, limestone etc. in addition to huge deposits of cement and steel grade limestone. India has a maximum number of mining leases of major and minor […]

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Urban displacement and Vulnerability

Urban Slum Dwellers Displacement and Vulnerability

The government has encouraged private construction companies to develop land and housing on which slums reside, especially in the prime locations, through cross-subsidization of the housing projects. At an everyday level, local elite slum dwellers’ interests intersect with other poorer slum dwellers and the urban elites within the city. This speculation has inflated property prices […]

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GM crops efficacy

Debating the GM Crops Efficacy

Modern technology with its use of genetic engineering, whereby DNA molecules from different organisms (rDNA) can be combined, is emerging as a potential tool in agriculture. The plant’s varieties that are being developed through this technique are popularly known as genetically engineered (GE), genetically modified (GM) or transgenic crops.  Although genetic modification of plants through […]

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School Education

India’s Public School Education Holding the Fort

Vision of a public school In my opinion, public school is the one where a child feels welcome because of the school’s warm and conducive learning environment and caring staff. It has a good physical infrastructure, equipped with a wide range of co-curricular activities where learning and teaching programs with innovations and dedication are organized […]

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Zealandia- The discovery of earth’s hidden continent

A group of scientist in Australia who have been working and gathering data for the past twenty years claim that New Zealand sits atop a previously unknown continent which is 94% underwater. Eight GNS Science geologists headed by Nick Mortimer along with colleagues from Victoria University, the Geological Survey of New Caledonia, and the University […]

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science express

Science Express Train- To cover 34 cities in India

Science Express is a unique mobile science exhibition displayed on a 16 coach AC train which has been custom made and built by the Indian Railways for the Department of Science and Technology (DST). Launched first in 2007, it has already completed eight tours of the country, travelling 14,2000 km and exhibiting at 455 different […]

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