Diversifying India’s Food Basket: NBA outlines the critical role of biodiversity

Biodiversity is critical to the sustainability, resilience and adaptability of agricultural production system. Of the 250,000 globally identified plant species, about 7,000 have historically been used in human diets. At present, however, only about 30 crops from the basis of world’s agriculture and just three species of maize, rice and wheat supply more than half […]

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Suckerfish: Darling of aquariums, terror of open waters

Native to the streams, floodplain lakes and marshes of South America, the suckerfish (scientific name: Pterygoplichthys) have successfully invaded inland water bodies of various countries across the world, including India. Pterygoplichthys or commonly known as Janitor fish or sailfin armoured catfish or sailfin plecs or popularly in India as suckerfish, can be differentiated from their close […]

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tourism regulatory framework

Tourism Regulatory Framework

Unregulated tourism has changed the landscape of several tourism destinations in India beyond repair. The problem, of course, does not only lie with stakeholders, especially since those involved in tourism are only concerned with revenue maximisation. Although there are several schemes available to promote tourism regulatory there is no document on critical regulatory aspects. In a […]

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