Bangladesh flash floods kills 21

By: Staff Reporter

New Delhi, June 29 (G’nY News Service): The South- Eastern region of Bangladesh experienced devastating flash floods that claimed the lives of 21 peoplein the past two days.Heavy rains lashed the hilly region triggering flash floods accompanied by landslides.

The casualties were confirmed by the Bangadesh Police Department who recovered 21 bodies from a river on Sunday, June 28.The landslides in the region have also left many injured.

The worst affected area was Cox’s Bazar and the hilly area of Bandarban. Cox’s Bazaar received 210 mm rainfall on Friday only and was completely submerged by Sunday.

Other affected regions include parts of Chittagong, Chandpur, Faridpur, and Jhenaidah.

Thousands are still stranded at the place as the routes from the area are blocked due to heavy landslides.
In 2012, heavy rains and landslides devastated Cox’s Bazaar and Bandarbankilling almost 88 people and injuring many.

Bangladesh –is one of the world’s most populated countries and is very vulnerable to natural disasters, including cyclones, droughts, floods and earthquakes.

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