Benefits of Sustainable Development of Mangrove Ecosystems in India


The total area covered by Mangrove forests in India is 4627.63 sq. km. Out of this, West Bengal occupies 2097 sq. km, while significant areas are also present in Gujarat (1103 sq. km) and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (604 sq. km).

Sustainable development of mangrove ecosystems is important to any estimate for their economic value, as most benefits are derived from the delicate balance of the ecosystem. Mangrove ecosystems protect coasts, prevent soil erosion and siltation, and also integrate the processes that enable life in these habitats. Other than these mangrove forests are a source of direct economic benefits as well, such as being the source for plant products, and functioning as sites for tourism. Mangroves also provide remedies for various ailments such as malaria, diabetes and snake bites.

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