Call For Video Story

The part you play in a news is very important, whether it is a feature or a breaking story. Have you recently witnessed an unusual and bizarre environmental problem in your locality? Do you have any new and different idea that can make a difference? Do you know about any story that you think we should follow? Are there topics you want to get the world talking about? Here is the simple way to make a difference in the society by uploading your video at Geography and You.

Geography and You journal (ISSN accredited 2347884-5) is calling for Video story for Geography and You website. Video Story should be submitted at

Kindly mention Name:Video story for submission in subject of your mail

The videos recorded have to be according to following categories:

  1. Science & Technology:Glaciers,Weather & Climate,Oceans,Energy,Technology
  2. Climate:Policy,Pollution,Ecology,Environemnt,Water,Forest,Resource,Desertification
  3. Economy:Development,Green Market,Green Politics,Green Real Estate,Renewable Energy
  4. Disaster:Planning & Mitigation,Disaster Education,Disaster Events
  5. Life:Travel,Wildlife,Livelihoods,Foods,Tribes,Women Studies
  6. Population:Travel, Health, Migration, Urbanization
  7. Agriculture:Crops, Organic farming, Fisheries, Insurance, Livestock, Policy

Following guidelines should be kept in mind while writing a paper:

  1. High-quality images
  2. Descriptive captions 100 words for each photo
  3. Complete source information
  4. Caption : 100 Words