Ashwagandha Plant


Ashwagandha, also known as the Indian ginseng, is renowned for its medicinal value and considered a true gift of nature. A rejuvenative herb, it promotes energy and vitality and has been used for centuries for its restorative properties to remedy conditions of weakness. This ‘White Cherry’ improves the body’s ability to adapt to various types […]

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Changing Climate and Traditional Crops

The warming of the earth’s climate system since the last five decades has brought in ominous changes all over the world. Extreme weather events (cold and heat waves, floods and droughts) are becoming frequent occurrences globally, and cold days and nights are reducing against the increasing number of warm days and nights (IPCC, 2014). Such […]

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Small Holders and Bengal’s Tea Industry

Since colonial times, the districts of Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar and North Dinajpur are well known for tea cultivation. Traditionally, tea was always grown in estates that were typically more than 10 hectares (ha). However, recent data in the Agricultural Census indicates that small and marginal holdings are increasingly changing their cropping pattern in favour […]

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Agricultural Biotechnologies

Application of biotechnology in Indian agriculture gained prominence with the cultivation of transgenic BT cotton crop in 2002. Since then, India has taken the lead in exploring the potential of biotechnology on various fronts. The biotechnology programme in agriculture includes molecular mapping of genes of important plants, marker genes for selection of quality traits, development […]

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Perspectives on Fertiliser Usage

Indian farmers have a long history of supplementing soil fertility by using organic and green manures with judicious practices dating back to over 100 years. The growth in chemical fertilizer usage was, however, very slow upto the 1950s confined only to plantation crops. Post Independence, government envisaged the need to increase fertiliser usage to enhance […]

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