Deep Sea Fishery

Deep-Sea Fishery Resources of the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)

Deep Sea fishery and inventorying the deep sea mega fauna of Indian exclusive economic zone (EEZ) are rather neglected areas of research in the post-independent Indian context, probably due to lack of adequate infrastructural facilities. Our knowledge on the deep sea fishery resources of the Indian EEZ are mainly from the pioneering works carried out […]

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Suckerfish: Darling of aquariums, terror of open waters

Native to the streams, floodplain lakes and marshes of South America, the suckerfish (scientific name: Pterygoplichthys) have successfully invaded inland water bodies of various countries across the world, including India. Pterygoplichthys or commonly known as Janitor fish or sailfin armoured catfish or sailfin plecs or popularly in India as suckerfish, can be differentiated from their close […]

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New National Policy on Marine Fisheries: Reviewing changes

With a coastline of 8,118 km, India harbours a huge potential for its aquaculture and fisheries industry and is already a major supplier and producer of fish in the world. As per National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), India is ranked third in fish production and second in aquaculture in the world. Fisheries contribute 1.07 per cent of […]

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Wild Shrimp Seed Collection

Aquaculture, regarded as an environmentally sound practice, can utilise farm resources including farm wastes and generate food and income. On the downside however, shrimp farming, the most lucrative of aquaculture option in the east coast of India, has been leading to pollution of the aquatic environment causing degradation of mangroves and other water resources, which […]

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