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Importance of Jallikattu to Tamil Nadu

Embracing the bull has been a topic of fiery debate in Tamil Nadu for quite some time now. “ Jallikattu ” or “Eru Thazhuvuthal” (literally, embrace the bull) is a traditional bull taming sport and is part of Pongal celebrations dating back to the Tamil Classic Period (400-100B.C.). But, today, has the sport become a rallying cry for Tamil identity or is it a culmination of recent events in Chennai? What about Jallikattu threatened the Tamil’s identity? Are they playing out the abandoned...

Livestock # Magazine Articles | VOL.14, ISSUE 83, MAY-JUNE 2013

India’s bee industry calls for attention

With inadequate training, poor pest management, and lack of quality marketing facilities, the 60 million USD honey industry’s growth is hampered. With a potential for annual exports growth pegged at 20 per cent, honey can be a good income source for agriculturists.