Research Studies on Stratospheric and Tropospheric Ozone

Stratospheric ozone Arctic Ozone Depletion and Impact on Climate Change A study which examined the Arctic ozone depletion at eight stations in the Arctic stipulates that the Arctic stratospheric ozone recovery, predicted for the mid 2030s, might be significantly delayed (Pommereau, 2018). The study observed that the 2015-2016 ozone depletion is the third largest reported […]

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India Cooling Action Plan 2019

Cooling is associated with economic growth, health, wellbeing and productivity of people in hot climates. The growing economy of India is characterised by rising per capita income, rapid urbanisation and increasing heat waves. Yet, the country is marked by low penetration of air-conditioning. Given the situation, addressing the rising cooling requirement is both a challenge […]

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India’s Action to Protect the Ozone Layer

The gradual thinning of earth’s ozone layer in the upper atmosphere caused by the release of chemical compounds from human activities and adverse impact of UV rays on various components of the environment was confirmed by scientists during 1974. The first international action was initiated in March 1977 and experts from 32 countries met in […]

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Delhi’s Air Pollution

Delhi’s Air Pollution: Rural-Urban Interlinkages

For the last few years, the onset of winter in Delhi is being regarded with dread. The city is enveloped in a thick blanket of pollutants that deteriorate air quality to hazardous levels, posing grave threats to human health. This phenomenon disrupts daily activities in the city as worsening pollution levels restricts outdoor movement; even […]

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Voter Turnout

Spatial Patterns and Voter Turnout

India conducts fair and democratic elections, where voters exercise free will through constitutionally mandated universal adult suffrage.  Voting behaviour and its Voter turnout is closely linked with the attitude of the populace towards voting. It is therefore imperative to understand how the masses respond to voting, which could serve as an impactful indicator to how […]

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