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Cyclone Nisarga | Analysing the Arabian Sea Storms

After Amphan causing widespread damage in the Eastern parts of India, the Indian Meteorological department has now issued warnings for the South Gujarat coast and Northern Maharashtra regarding the possibility of a cyclone Nisarga. As the cyclones are wreaking havoc in various parts of India almost every year consistently, it is pertinent to understand the phenomenon clearly. This article is thus an attempt to communicate to our readers about what a cyclone actually is, the various trends of cyclones in India and an analysis of whether global warming is contributing to cyclones or not.

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Urbanisation Vs City Floods

Rapid urbanisation in India that has taken place in recent years has paid little attention to preservation of catchments and wetlands. In the absence of these—absorbing rainwater and enabling groundwater recharge, the ill effects of extreme rainfall events has been compounded.

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Track Troubles: Road Accidents in India

The statistics of road accidents in India are alarming. Development and progress on one side translates into a growing motor traffic on the other, and then Indian roads are far from ideal and can hardly ensure a smooth and continuous flow of traffic. No wonder stress on roads coupled with an irate driver inadvertently leads to conflict, road rage and accidents. With the growing population in cities of India , the load on the roads have increased. The smallest error in judgement can injure pedestrians....

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Earthquake in Afghanistan Leaves Residents in Northern India Shaken

New Delhi, January 31 (G’nY News Service): An earthquake shook major states of North India at around 0707 GMT, which is 12:37 PM IST. The tremors were heavily felt in Jammu & Kashmir while minor shocks were felt in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and some parts of Himachal Pradesh. Many people turned to social media to narrate their experiences while people were seen rushing out of their homes and offices in Srinagar. Apart from India, tremors were also felt in some parts of Pakistan. According to reports,...

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The Mexico Analysis | Two Earthquakes and Multiple Aftershocks

Mexico Earthquake Backdrop Late in the evening of September 7, 2017, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico’s southern coast, which Mexico declared as its strongest earthquake in over hundred years. The September 7th earthquake in Mexico is the strongest among a series of earthquakes and aftershocks that have been occurring in the region around Mexico in September 2017. The 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico’s southern coast led to almost 100 deaths in Mexico and triggered a small tsunami...

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Heavy Rain and Flooding in Mumbai | The Weatherman Takes a View

How Mumbai Flooding began A low pressure area developed over southern coastal Odisha and adjoining northwestern Bay of Bengal on August 27, 2017. It moved over to the central parts of Odisha and neighbouring areas on August 28. It was seen as a well marked low pressure area over south western Madhya Pradesh and neighboring areas  on August 29 and over central parts of Gujarat and neighbouring areas in the morning of August 30, 2017.               INSAT...

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GLOF | Himalayan Glacial Lakes Monitoring from Space

Need for glacial lake monitoring Climate change has led to increased temperatures, sea level rise, increased natural hazards, etc. Glaciers are the very sensitive to climate change and its affects can be seen in glaciated zones around the globe. Himalaya has huge repositories of glaciers that are reportedly retreating leading to glacier thinning.  This glacier thinning due to melting has resulted in the development of new glacial lakes and the magnification of existing ones due to the accumulation...

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Jharia Resettlement | Coal Seams in the Line of Fire

Jharia mines, known for its finest quality coal, have become a menace for the population, living in its neighborhood as these mines emit poison and toxic gases.

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Seismic Microzonation and Urban India

Recent earthquakes highlight the need for a risk reduction strategy, especially for urban centres. With expanding cities, risk to human lives, buildings and infrastructure also increases. Urban safety has thus gained importance in recent years.

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Oil Spill Remedies and Chennai

Chennai oil spill will have both short and long term impacts on the marine environment,visible by oil splattered ridley turtles and crabs that washed ashore