Has the Environment Retarded the Development Process

Although the development process is fuelled by the extraction of natural resources, environmental conservation and the development process, in particular economic development are frequently in opposition to each other. This led eventually to the Earth Summit in 1992 convened by the United Nations (UN) where the idea of sustainable development, or development that meets economic […]

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economic survey

Environmental Funding | Budget 2018

Environmental funding in India would do well to heed the cautions of the Economic Survey. India performs among the bottom five countries in the Environmental Protection Index 2018 – a quantification of the environmental performance of a state’s policies – published by Yale and Columbia Universities along with the World Economic Forum. Its overall ranking […]

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EEZ for India

The Exclusive Economic Zone of the Seas around India

Following the enforcement of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) in 1994 a new form of national economic jurisdiction was established globally to the seas extending 200 nautical miles from the coasts of sovereign states. Article 55 of the document defines the legal regime of the Exclusive Economic Zone. The […]

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Sustainable Ecotourism in India and Pedagogy in Policy

Ecotourism as a term first emerged during the late 1980s with growing global concern for sustainable practices with regard to ecologies extending towards minimizing the degenerative results of tourism on the environment. Ecotourism thus essentially has come to imply responsible travel practices when exploring natural conditions such that travel practices are conducted with a view […]

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counter urbanization

Does India Require Counter Urbanization

Urbanization is one of the most common global phenomena in the world, and is said to occur in many phases. In the overwhelming majority of cases, urban lifestyles and infrastructure has spread to encompass most human settlements. It is very rare that the opposite occurs, and rural lifestyles and infrastructure spread and influence human settlement […]

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spatial data

Spatial Data a Boon for Decision-making Development

Sitting on his computer, the district education officer in Karnataka’s Gulbarga district finds out which schools need an upgrade in toilet and education facilities. He also is aware of the institutions which need additional classrooms, so that he can quickly draft a proposal once funds are sanctioned for infrastructure improvement. While assessing the need for […]

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India’s nuclear power program

The Nuclear Power Programme of India

Nuclear Power Capable of Mitigating India’s Energy Crisis  Unless India moves towards sustainable and long-term energy sources, policy-makers see India facing a energy crisis in the future. In this nuclear energy emerges as an immediate and relatively sustainable solution to an impending energy crisis. A successful organization of any nuclear power programme is hinged on […]

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extreme poverty in slums

Extreme Poverty Worldwide and Some Economic Approaches

Measurements of poverty indicators are usually highly controversial, and many obstacles may arise over providing an exact and objective estimate of people living in extreme poverty. Many nations and organizations working in this regard such as the World Bank and the United Nations (UN) have different approaches in qualifying and quantifying extreme poverty, and this […]

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Natural drainage systems

Natural Drainage Systems as Green Infrastructure in Settlements

In agricultural lands drainage usually occurs naturally. Excess water flows from the fields to natural water bodies such as rivers and lakes or gets absorbed into the soil by natural processes. In urban areas however, we build complex artificial water drainage systems. These drainage systems eventually carry pollutants such as heavy metals, paint and oil […]

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