planktonic biodiversity

Planktonic diversity of a polluted creek system

The demand for power-generating plants has been increasing regardless of several   appeals in energy  conservation. Factors such as urbanisation and industrialisation propel the need for energy production (Singh,  2015).  Consequently, it increases the need for cooling water at various steps during energy generation procedures. In general, water bodies, such as rivers and ocean were often […]

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challenges of mining in India

Challenges of Mining in India

The recent global macroeconomic uncertainties including plummeting commodity price cycles, currency devaluation in Brazil, the cost reduction strategies of the firm, the falling economic growth in China, the lowering capital expenditure (CAPEX) investment on infrastructure projects have had tremendous impact on the firm level competitiveness and the underlying earnings before interest, depreciation, taxes and amortization […]

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Mining: Destruction over Development

Sufficient geological evidence points out mineral deposits like bauxite, iron, coal, manganese etc. are abundantly found in India. It is also pertinent to note that a major portion of these deposits remain untapped. Jharkhand, Odisha and Chhattisgarh are among India’s major mineral bearing states, and as a consequence, most affected by mining.   Mineral Production […]

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