patterns of world trade

Patterns of World Trade in Natural Resources | The Basics

World trade is the exchange of goods and services and capital across international borders based on the principles of markets, where price acts as the primary regulatory mechanism. The patterns of world trade are shaped by the forces of demand and supply of goods and services and capital along with the pricing mechanism of markets […]

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Consumer Behaviour and Macro Economy

Microeconomic volatility, one of the most crucial indicators for business, has hardly been studied in India (Garda & Ziemann, 2014). Reflected through fluctuations in the economic situation of households, microeconomic volatility has a direct bearing on economic welfare. Yet, it has remained an issue untouched by research aimed at understanding India’s consumer market. Macroeconomic situation […]

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Eco-Friendly Plastics

Plastic’ is the collective name for synthetic or semi-synthetic organic materials that is today inextricably related to everyone’s life. The origin of the term ‘plastic’ is not known with certainty – perhaps it is Greek for ‘plastikos’ meaning ‘fit for moulding’ or from ‘plastos’ meaning ‘moulded’. Plastics consist of long chain molecules (amorphous solids) or […]

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