Photovoltaic Systems

Precise and Accurate Testing of Photovoltaic Systems: A Must for Quality Assurance

Energy sustainability is very important for the development of any country as it drives industrialisation, urbanisation, economic growth and overall improvement of the living standard of the society. Energy demand is increasing significantly all over the world due to rapid industrial and population growth. One of the most important issues of this century is to […]

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Energy consumption in India

Developing self sufficiency in energy production

Historically, there exists a significant positive association between the energy consumption and countries’ Human Development Index (HDI)—a composite indicator of human well-being (Pasternik 2000, International Energy Agency 2004). Countries with lower per capita energy consumption tend to have lower HDI; a higher HDI goes hand in hand with increased per capita electricity consumption (PCEC, kilowatt-hour). […]

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World Bank ranks Andhra no 1 in Energy Efficiency

The World Bank has ranked Andhra Pradesh as number 1 in ‘Energy Efficiency Implementation Readiness’. The World Bank was particularly impressed with the effective implementation of energy efficiency and energy conservation in Andhra Pradesh, which saw about 1500 MU of Annual Energy Savings within a span of two years through the adoption of LED technology […]

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India’s Bid for Membership to NSG- What went wrong?

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in a bilateral meeting with the President of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Xi Jinping, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on June 23, 2016. Photo Courtesy: PIB There is a general feeling today among some sections of the Indian public and the diaspora that the country has entered its best […]

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Highlights of the Renewable Energy Policy Network (REN21) Report

First published in 2005, the annual Renewables Global Status Report is the most comprehensive and timely overview of the status, recent developments and trends in renewable energy markets, industries, investments, and policy developments worldwide. By design, it does not provide analysis or forecast. Data are provided by a network of 700 contributors, researchers, and authors from all […]

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