G’nY’s solar story brought change in Lakshadweep

New Delhi, December 30 (G’nY News Service): The before and after of the same place, different years in the idyllic Kavaratti, the island capital of Lakshadweep. Following G’nY ‘s story in the issue titled ‘The Isles of Lakshdweep’ in November 2012, the broken down facilities were redeemed for the energy starved island in February, 2013, […]

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Waste to Energy Plant, Ghazipur

New Delhi, July 31 (G’nY News Service): While inspecting the Waste-to-Energy Plant at Ghazipur, Delhi’s incumbent Minister for Environment and Forest, Asim Ahmed Khan, emphasized on the urgent need for Waste Management. Talking about the proliferating population of the National Capital, the Minister addressed that New Delhi is in urgent need of a proper solid […]

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Renewable energy beats nuclear in the world’s top economies

New Delhi, July 15 (G’nY News Service): The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2015 released in the House of Commons in London revealed that the major economies of the world now bank more on renewable energy sources than nuclear for their electricity demands. The report states that solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy, […]

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Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the provision of energy services are a major cause of climate change. The IPCC 4th Assessment Report 2007, concluded that “Most of the observed increase in global average temperature since the mid 20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations.” Concentrations of […]

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