polar bear, climate change, endangered species,

Is it springtime for Polar Bear Populations? Are scientists hiding good news?

Numerous reports of polar bear population surveys from different locations such as M’Clintock Channel and Viscount Melville (completed 2016), Southern Beaufort and Gulf of Boothia (completed 2017) and Davis Strait (completed 2018) have not been published yet despite all being likely to be released by 2019 or sooner. The official International Union for Conservation of […]

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Poshan Abhiyaan for a Malnutrition Free India

India has been making significant investments in achieving food and nutrition security through structured public-funded programmes. In fact, India entrenches the right to food in its Constitution. Article 47 of the Constitution mandates the State to raise the level of nutrition of its citizens. India’s flagship nutrition programme-the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme was […]

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Erra Matti Dibbalu: Coastal Red Sand Dunes of Visakhapatnam

The spectacular Erra Matti Dibbalu that stretches between Visakhapatnam and Bheemunipatnam along the coast is a marvelous gift of nature. The low-lying dunes with a maximum elevation of 90 m above mean sea level (msl) is located 20 km to the northeast of Visakhapatnam and 4 km southwest of Bhimunipatnam. The width of the dunes […]

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Gender Gap

Increasing Women Voter Turnout in Indian Elections

Even though Indian elections have consistently witnessed a reasonably higher turnout than most advanced democracies, a gender gap in voting in India continues to exist since the first Lok Sabha election held in 1952. The average turnout during last 16 Lok Sabha elections has been around 60 per cent but men have been outnumbering women […]

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Violence against Women | Rape in India

Why so Many Rapes? Sexual Violence against Women in India

In January 2018, an unidentified man raped an 80 year old woman inside her home in village Talwade near Pune (Outlook, 2018). In the same month, an 8 year old girl’s mangled body was found dumped in the jungles near Rasana village of Jammu and Kashmir after being gang raped and unspeakably brutalised. Barely two […]

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home-based workers in India

Home-Based Work: Intersectionalities and Vagaries

The concept of boundaries has been extensively used in the work–family literature.  Activities formally designated as ‘work’ and the activities associated with domestic matters often take place in separate spaces. It would be of interest, therefore, to see how when formal work takes place in informal spaces at home, the conceptual and geographic boundaries, largely […]

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Free online courses on women rights and development

Free Online Courses on Women’s Rights, Development and more

Free online courses are a resource unlike any other, which can help you gain access to knowledge in highly specialised areas. We present to you a few courses on gender, women’s rights and development, to help you gain new insights. Course 1 Name of the course: Confronting Gender Based Violence: Global Lessons for Healthcare Workers […]

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gender justice in India


In India, the principle of gender equality has been enshrined in its Constitution, the very document that provides the basis and guidance for governance in a democracy. In this sense, gender justice in India is inextricable from the workings of the democratic principles we have adopted. The inclusion of gender justice – equality before the […]

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The Most Vulnerable Primitive Tribal Groups in India

Scheduled Tribes are classified as a community of indigenous or tribal people by the Constitution who are also deemed as socially disadvantaged. Out of Scheduled Tribes, the tribal groups least affected by modern processes of development, i.e. Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs) in India are characterized by being geographically isolated and relatively cut off from mainstream […]

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