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Celebrating Holi 2017 in Firangi style

Holi 2017 celebrations are already underway in many parts of India. Are there similar festivals anywhere else in the world? Let’s find out


Unemployment Sops by the Haryana Government

In a bid to appease local youth, the BJP-led Haryana government has announced a scheme for the educated unemployed. The Shikshit Yuva Sammanit Huva is an employment sop that promises hundred hours of work in a month to the unemployed post graduate youth at INR 9000. Touted as a populist move by experts, the present Haryana government is trying hard to lure its youth, considering that the State is ready to go for the polls in two and half years. The scheme does not address the deep-seated problems...


Where are our Mahajanapadas today?

Anybody with basic political awareness is fairly well acquainted with the location and administrative functioning of states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Most of you may also be residing in cities like Patna, Lucknow, Varanasi, Meerut, Delhi, Jaipur, Ujjain etc. But have you ever imagined that the above mentioned cities and states which you live in, were once occupied by mighty and prosperous kingdoms around 2,500 years ago i.e., around 5th- 6th century BC. The importance...

Livelihoods | VOL. 16, ISSUE 97 July-August 2016

Cryospheric Research: Polar Realms and Himalaya

Despite being a late starter, India has achieved a great deal within three decades of cryospheric research. Its stations in the Antarctic, Arctic and the Himalaya have undertaken significant research to unravel the linkages between polar ice sheets, climate change, Himalayan glacial mass and the Indian monsoon.

Livelihoods | VOL. 16, ISSUE 97 July-August 2016

Earth Systems Models for Climate Projections

The Earth Systems Model and the CORDEX programme of Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune are indigenous initiatives that has brought India closer to understanding the change in climate systems over South Asia.

Livelihoods | VOL. 16, ISSUE 97

Climate Services in India

India’s climate services are aimed at effectively conveying information to users in South Asia for informed decision-making to reduce risks from extreme events that are the norm in times of climate change.

Livelihoods | VOL. 15, ISSUE 88, January-February 2015

Do Bigha Zameen: Dispossessing the Farmer

The marginal farmer is today pitted against the hegemony of the state and its collaborator—the private developer, even as the developing economy fails to provide alternative livelihoods to those in search of non-farm employment.

Livelihoods | VOL. 15, ISSUE 88, January-February 2015

Land and Livelihood: Debating the Land Acquisition Law

The New Land Act of 2013 was meant to remove the historic injustice perpetrated on land owners and sought to incorporate those dependent on agricultural land for livelihood. However, proposed amendments to the New Act will undermine its major clauses, and fail to achieve the purpose it was aimed for.

Livelihoods | VOL. 14, ISSUE 87, November-December 2014

Experiences from Sikkim Making MGNREGA Deliver

MGNREGA offers a historic opportunity with its scale, bottom-up planning and sectoral flexibility. The empowerment of panchayati raj through effective social audits is making this programme an agent of transformative change for Sikkim.

Livelihoods | VOL. 14, ISSUE 87, November-December 2014

Panchayati Raj in Rajasthan: Emerging Trends

The future of the PRIs looks bright, with sustained proactive initiatives by the state government and continuous capacity-building interventions by the State Institute of Rural Development-Rajasthan.