Lakkom Waterfall

The Valley of Strobilanthes Species in Western Ghats

Strobilanthes species comprise a shrubby flowering plant that belongs to the Family Acanthaceae and is placed as the second largest genus in this family. The genus comprises of about 350 species mostly native to tropical Asia and Madagascar. The Indian subcontinent has nearly 150 species, out of which 59 are seen in peninsular India. The […]

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toy train

Everything you need to know about India’s heritage toy trains

The gentle swaying of steam locomotives, meter gauge rolling stocks, and wooden body coaches is still an achievable experience. A journey in the heritage trains of India is just what you need to revive days of the yore. These languid trains are the only magical gateway to experience the beauty of mountains, chugging up hills, waving […]

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Traditional Modes of Transport

Six ancient ancient transport modes that India still uses

Ancient Transport Modes – what was used and when People travelled from place to place in various contraptions, most of which we no longer use. From palanquins to horse drawn entourage, most modes of transport have become redundant. Some have however, survived the onslaught of time and still occupies a favourable place in India’s cultural […]

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