tourism regulatory framework

Tourism Regulatory Framework

Unregulated tourism has changed the landscape of several tourism destinations in India beyond repair. The problem, of course, does not only lie with stakeholders, especially since those involved in tourism are only concerned with revenue maximisation. Although there are several schemes available to promote tourism regulatory there is no document on critical regulatory aspects. In a […]

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Freshwater fish found in the Himalayan river basin under threat

Freshwater fish in India, especially the ones that occupy cold-water regimes, are increasingly becoming threatened due to overexploitation, loss of biodiversity and anthropogenic interventions. Angling is a good way to raise awareness about freshwater fish, where fishing is engaged in as a sport. The fish is released once the catch is measured and photographed. India’s mahseer […]

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Ecotourism for the coral islands of India

  Ecotourism emerged as a popular concept in the late 1980s with the world acknowledging sustainable practices in tourism – sparked off by the idea of harmonious co-existence with nature. A Mexican environmentalist, Hector Ceballos-Lascurian initially described this nature based travel to relatively undistributed areas, as a learning endeavour. The concept today has however moved […]

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