Travel | VOL. 10, ISSUE 63, November-December 2010

Skiing to the South Pole

Representing five continents, six faiths, and seven languages a team of eight women from across the Commonwealth countries arrived at the South Pole at 23:09 on 29th December 2009. The first women from India to ski to the South Pole, Reena Kaushal Dharmshaktu was selected to be part of the expedition. Skiing 900 kms in 38 days from the coast of Antarctic, the team achieved a number of records.

Travel | VOL. 10, ISSUE 63, November-December 2010

Ambika Kalna: Terracotta Temples of Burdwan

Ambika Kalna is a small town in West Bengal, made famous by its terracotta temples which are devoted to the gods and goddesses of Indian mythology. The various sculptures etched in terracotta synthesise a wide range of indigenous architectural forms of the Bengal country side.

Travel | VOL. 10, ISSUE 61, July-August 2010

Rain Song

An idyllic sojourn is the natural settings of the Wildlife Institute of India campus in Dehradun coupled with a short visit to the cloudy realms of Mussoorie were prefect ingredients for a memorable weekend.

Travel | VOL. 10 , ISSUE 59, March-April 2010

Gandhi Sarovar Through Kedarnath

We worked backwards - decided to reach as early as possible, by at least 8 in the morning. The 3.5 km long route from Kedarnath is not very steep, so were sure that 2 hours would be fine for a comfortable well paced trek to Gandhi Sarovar. Next morning we ripped off our warm blankets at 5, drank a quick cup of hot tea and were off by 5.45. The Sarovar is a small glacial lake in Uttarakhand, (the origin of Mandakini, a major tributary of Ganga), at an elevation of about 3900 m. According to Hindu...

Travel | VOL. 10, ISSUE 59, March-April 2010

The Andamans

A thriving, underwater world, white sands, dark tropical forests and visions of the erstwhile kala pani made this vacation more than just memorable.

Travel | VOL. 10, ISSUE 58, January-February 2010

Magic in the Himalayas

A fantastic workshop followed by a meteor shower and a trek to Shikhar thrown in for good measure was quite an unexpected treat. The icy winds, sparkling sunshine and pretty solar powered villages made this trip one of the most memorable among my many sojourns.

Travel | VOL. 9, ISSUE 57, November-December 2009

Banavali by the Sarasvati

Abandoned by 1900 BCE with the drying up of Sarasvati, excavations at Banavali show the classical chessboard pattern of the Harappan era.

Travel | VOL. 9, ISSUE 56, September-October 2009

Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh

Narkanda in summer offers a spectacular view of the snow capped Himalayas, apart from offering a delectable spread of fruits. The apple boughs in Thanedar, laden with green apples, adorn every hedge interspersed with cherry trees bearing a bountiful ripe red harvest.

Travel | VOL. 9, ISSUE 53, March-April 2009

Idyllic Bhoramdeo

Bhoramdeo was once the capital of the illustrious Phani Nagavanshi kings (10th-14th century AD), whose kingdom included the entire Kawardha District. Famed for its early medieval temples - Bhoramdeo, Mandwa Mahal and Chheraki Mahal - and a wildlife sanctuary by the same name, the region encompasses the undulating Maikal hills, with its dense sal forests and meandering waters of river Sankari.

Travel | VOL. 9, ISSUE 53, March-April 2009


Anticipating the customary fog would play havoc with the flight schedules this winter we cleverly booked our travel to Chennai by the Tamil Nadu Express of the fourth of January to discover that we did not fare any better. The train took a beating soon after Delhi - woke up to a chilly morning at Gwalior, six hours late and reached Chennai on the sixth at 1.30 pm.