Travel | VOL. 9, ISSUE 52, January-February 2009


An invitation to accompany friends on a tour of Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh found us booking ourselves on the Intercity Express to Indore this January.

Travel | VOL. 8, ISSUE 47, March-April 2008

Renukaji and Sangra

Lake Renukaji, considered embodiment of Goddess Renuka, mother of fearsome sage Parshuram and Sangra, a lonely village, with delightful fields of snow was worth the effort.

Travel # Tribes | VOL. 8, ISSUE 47, March-April 2008

The Tharu of Don

Tharu women, inhabiting the Valley of Don in the Valmiki Tiger Reserve, present a unique blend of tradition and progress worth emulating

Travel | VOL. 8, ISSUE 46, January-February 2008

Locating Masroor, Himachal Pradesh

Day excursion to Masroor in Himachal Pradesh happened to be one of the highlights of our summer vacation at Mcleodganj. The temple standing magnificently on a hill crescent is a unique example of monolithic temples in the sub Himalayan region. In the absence of inscriptions and any other epigraph or literary records the patronage of the temple cannot be ascertained. However, on the basis of architectural and sculptural decorations, the temple has been assigned to the 8th century A.D. The receptionist...