The Most Vulnerable Primitive Tribal Groups in India

Scheduled Tribes are classified as a community of indigenous or tribal people by the Constitution who are also deemed as socially disadvantaged. Out of Scheduled Tribes, the tribal groups least affected by modern processes of development, i.e. Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs) in India are characterized by being geographically isolated and relatively cut off from mainstream […]

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geographical distribution of tribes in India

The Geographical Distribution of Tribes in India

The variations in Indian tribes can be incredibly intimate and complex. As such it is not possible to accurately classify them into different groups based solely on cultural characteristics. However, considering that numerous tribes in India are essentially non-nomadic in nature, many tribes take residence in forest areas or clusters in villages in the vicinity […]

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protecting forest dwellers, tribals of india, rural india

Protecting Forest Dwellers as an Essential Part of Indian Forests

In February 2002, the Supreme Court of India passed an order prohibiting state governments and also tribals and other traditional forest dwellers from removing dead, dying trees and grasses and trees felled by winds. This was followed by a handbook being distributed by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change  (MoEF&CC) prohibiting tribals and […]

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haru women enjoy a high social position

The Tharu People of Don Valley in the Valmiki Tiger Reserve

The Naurangia Village of the Tharu | Geography and You field study Phulvati shyly extended a small intricately woven basket full of semi puffed rice, anandi, urging me to eat more. It was a splendid meal – replete with fresh sugarcane juice, thick curd and a dash of garlic-amla (Indian gooseberry) chilli paste, so simple and […]

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tribal communities in India

Rights have been historically dormant for tribal communities in India

History of tribal communities in India During the pre-Mughal period in India, tribals, or adivasis, were not considered impure by the upper caste Hindu population, unlike dalits. Even the adivasi origins of Valmiki were recognized. Unlike the dalits, who were subjugated by upper caste populations in Mughal India, tribal communities in India living in remote habitations […]

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Oraons and Pygmies, a review of new-determinism

Bare, glistening bodies. Colourful, feathered headgear. Menacing, long spears and incomprehensible, muttered incantations. Thanks to the tinsel worlds of Hollywood and Bollywood our image of the tribal inhabitants of this world is complete, though not always correct! Let us set aside this image for a moment and see the world of the tribes in plain […]

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