Is Development Opposed to Conservation? Railway Expansion and Wildlife Security

The world is pursuing a path of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation, keys to human development. India is walking the same track, targeting a five trillion economy in the near future. We expect higher GDP, better economic status and a high standard of living like other developed countries. However,  linear infrastructure does not always propel growth […]

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Four-Horned Antelope | First Recorded Sightings – Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary, Bihar

Historical records suggest that the four-horned antelope (Tetracerusquadricornis) was once found throughout most parts of India. Recent records however indicate a highly fragmented population, especially north of the Gangetic plains in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Nepal. While Odisha and West Bengal mark the easternmost limit of its distribution, they are reported from most forest tracts […]

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Karnataka’s Great Indian Bustard in Peril

The Great Indian Bustard (GIB) has been placed in the category of critically endangered in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list and is listed under the Schedule One species in the India’s Wildlife Protection Act of  1972. The breeding population of this avian species is found only at two sites in […]

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polar bear, climate change, endangered species,

Is it springtime for Polar Bear Populations? Are scientists hiding good news?

Numerous reports of polar bear population surveys from different locations such as M’Clintock Channel and Viscount Melville (completed 2016), Southern Beaufort and Gulf of Boothia (completed 2017) and Davis Strait (completed 2018) have not been published yet despite all being likely to be released by 2019 or sooner. The official International Union for Conservation of […]

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World Sparrow Day - Sparrows Back In Urban Spaces

World Sparrow Day – When will Sparrows be back in Urban Spaces?

When we compare the city we live in right now, to what it was decades back, there are a few distinct differences. One such difference is the constant chirping of the little brown sparrows that has gone missing! Rampant urbanisation have turned our cities into concrete jungles, destroying habitats and resulting in a rapid decline […]

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Gangetic Dolphins

Surveying India’s Gangetic Dolphins & Other Aquatic Life

The Central government has initiated a survey to map the aquatic animal population including the endangered Gangetic Dolphins. The first of its kind survey will cover the entire Ganga river system and will prove useful in providing scientific data. This data will help in undertaking planned initiatives and measures through the National Mission for […]

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national park

Ten largest National Parks in India and its endangered species

The theme of World Wildlife Day, March 3, 2017, is ‘Listen to the young voices.’ It aims to empower and engage the youth in conservation issues. The involvement of youth in wildlife conservation is high on the agenda of the United Nations. At present India has a network of 700 Protected Areas (103 National Parks, 528 […]

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Campus Birdathon draws avid birders of India

Visa and other travel document are a prerequisite for humans, but not for our winged friends who can cross borders without a qualm. Birds have varied migration patterns and many exquisite birds make their way to India. The nation plays host to a number of migratory birds, especially during winters. These migratory birds fly to India […]

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Asiatic Wild Dogs or ‘dholes’ in Western Ghats Reserves.

A new study led by scientists from Wildlife Conservation Society-India Programme, Centre for Wildlife Studies (Bangalore), and University of Florida, USA, presents the first home-range size estimate of Asiatic wild dogs or ‘dholes’ based on camera trap surveys. The study, based on intensive camera-trap surveys conducted in Nagarahole and Wayanad wildlife reserves in the Western […]

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western ghats

Seven new night frogs discovered in the Western Ghats

Seven new endemic species of Nyctibatrachus, or night frogs have been discovered after six years of intensive field surveys and collection of specimens in forests of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, in Southern Western Ghats, India by a team of researchers from the University of Delhi and the Kerala Forest Department. Four out of the seven […]

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