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VASHANK, 2019: The Future of Our Earth is in Safe Hands

I am sure we have all heard and momentarily been alarmed about the melting of Antarctic ice, global warming, carbon emissions, etc. I sometimes wondered why is it that these grave environmental issues always have a fleeting impact on our conscience. I believe a couple of adages hold true here, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” and also, “The devil is in the details”. Listening to Dr N. C. Pant’s talk on “Antarctica, Global Warming and Zero Carbon Emission Regime – Choices or no Choice?”...

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RuTAG and its Synergy with other Initiatives

The Rural Technology Action Group (RuTAG) of IIT Delhi organised the 1st International Conference of Rural Technology Action Group (RuTAG) on 'Rural Technology Development and Delivery: RuTAG and its synergy with other initiatives, on March 9-11, 2018. RuTAG attends to the need-based enhancement of technologies with the help of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) alongside local NGOs. These needs are spotted out science and technology institutions, NGOs, PSUs and State and Central Government...

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Synergizing India’s Knowledge Infrastructure: the 2nd National Geospatial Chair Scheme

More knowledge is more answerability. The generation and use of geospatial data can be much more efficient than the earlier methods of data collection that were non-spatial and sectoral, making data collection a tedious and often time consuming process. The trends in data collection internationally, nationally and locally now point towards the emergence of Geospatial Technology as an effective tool in the management of data and information. Considering the emphasis for geospatial data collection...

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The Future of Science And Technology in India

With DST enabling multiple changes through various steps, Science and technology in India is entering a new era where quality R&D will go to new heights.

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Science Express Train- To cover 34 cities in India

Science Express is a unique mobile science exhibition displayed on a 16 coach AC train which has been custom made and built by the Indian Railways for the Department of Science and Technology (DST). Launched first in 2007, it has already completed eight tours of the country, travelling 14,2000 km and exhibiting at 455 different stations in India. Science Express also made its way into the Limca Book of Records six times for being the longest running and the most visited mobile science exhibition....

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Cyclonic Storm ‘Nada’ weakening as it approaches the Indian Coast

The cyclonic storm “Nada” over southwest Bay of Bengal moved west-northwestwards on December 1 with a speed of about 12 kmph, weakened into a deep depression and lay centred at 11:30 AM near Latitude 10.6ºN and Longitude 81.2ºE over southwest Bay of Bengal, about 290 km south-southeast of Chennai, 210 km southeast of Puducherry and 220 km north of Trincomalee (Srilanka). The system is very likely to continue to move west-northwestward, weaken further gradually into a depression during next...

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On Thin Ice: Arctic, Antarctic and the Himalayas

The melting of snow in the Arctic and Antarctic due to global warming and climate change is reported frequently. However, the melting of the Himalayan glaciers goes largely unreported, even though more people are impacted. Anomalies in temperatures, global cryosphere and sea level rise are the driving factors for negative impact on global conveyor belt at the three poles of the Earth. This phenomenon was explained with substantial data by Dr. A L Ramanathan, a Professor of Environmental Geology, Hydrogeochemistry,...

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Biodiversity in India

Status Check

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India’s hunger levels are ‘Serious’, says the GHI Report

The Global Hunger Index (GHI) report published by the Washington based International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) suggests that 15.2 per cent of Indians are undernourished and 38.7 per cent of under-five children are stunted. But, practitioners believe that there are other sides of the story as well. According to Dr. S. Srinivasan, a practising paediatrician in New Delhi, "numbers usually are collated by a variety of country reports with data collected through non uniform methods....

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Pratham – India’s First Satellite Built By IIT Students

On September 26, 2016, satellite Pratham built by the students of IIT Bombay and PISAT from PES University, Bengaluru along with co-passenger satellites - ALSAT-1B, ALSAT-2B, ALSAT-1N from Algeria, NLS-19 from Canada and Pathfinder-1 from USA were launched by India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, in its thirty-seventh flight (PSLV-C35). PSLV-C35 was launched from the First Launch Pad (FLP) of Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR, Sriharikota. The 371 kg SCATSAT-1 was launched for weather...