Demonetisation and 2017

Demonetisation and 2017, What Lies In The Days To Come

Demonetisation of five hundred and one thousand rupee notes is one of the game changers. At one stroke, tax evaders and other such people who were not keeping their wealth in gold, land or dollars were dealt a lethal blow.  Some could distribute currency to their relatives or servants, but for the larger operators, this […]

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What is Gender? It is equally ‘male’ contrary to popular understanding

The word ” gender ” is in currency these days! Let us understand what we mean by it. We often hear boys being admonished for crying or girls being chided for climbing a tree or flying a kite because ‘boys do not cry’ or ‘girls do not climb trees or fly kites’.  Interesting these boys […]

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The Tale of Missing Daughters

An increasingly masculinising population has thus been a continuing historical reality in India. The first censuses by the British administration in colonial India had noted the unusually male-heavy character of the Indian population. However, in the absence of reliable statistics, it took decades for scholars to make sense of this oddity and to establish that […]

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Work, Women and Rituals: The Bitter ‘karwa chauth’

Work, Women and Rituals: The Bitter ‘karwa chauth’ So what if women work? She may head her department, be the most reliable corporate manager, or constitute the pillar of a bureaucratic mission – she remains a woman and there it all ends. Even for herself! The blur between the within and the without is lessening […]

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India's Pristine Monuments To Empower Solar City Plan?

ASI’s harebrained solar panel initiative

In a recent news flash, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) proposed installation of photovoltaic solar panels on the rooftops of all protected monuments. The initiative found positive coverage in several mainstream media. With solar power generation ranging from 5 to 25 MW, such power plants would supposedly bring down the power bills of such […]

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