Vaidya R Kotecha | An integrated system of medicine to address India’s health care concerns

G’nY. Do you believe that integrated medicine systems have the potential to deal with health care problems in India? Traditional systems of medicine, especially ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy, unani, siddha, sowa rigpa and homoeopathy (AYUSH) have a huge potential in addressing the health care needs of the society. Traditional medicines, in well codified systems can […]

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Anil Khurana | Broadening the role of homeopathy in India’s health care

G’nY. In the developed part of the world, homeopathy is not part of the mainstream health plan. In India, however it is. Do you think that the efficacy of homeopathic treatments is undermined in the health care trajectories of the developed nations? It is not only homoeopathy treatment, all complementary and alternative treatment options are […]

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G V V Sarma | Multi Hazard Disaster Risk Assessment

G’nY. What is the multi-hazard disaster risk reduction approach? How is it different from other approaches used in disaster risk reduction? The national vision as enshrined in the National Policy on Disaster Management, 2009 is to build a safe and disaster resilient India by developing a holistic, proactive, multi-disaster oriented and technology-driven strategy through a […]

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P C Mohanan | Migration will have a Bearing on Citizenship

G’nY. If people were to work on NSSO or Census data what are the primary difficulties of data compatibility would they face? In India we have two major sources of migration data at the national level; the decennial Population Censuses and the not so frequent nationally representative sample surveys of the erstwhile National Sample Survey […]

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Interviewing Dr Meah in IRRI office

Nafees Meah I Working towards healthy diets

Fortification of staple crops especially with iron and zinc offers an interim solution. In the longer term people need to adopt wholesome eating habits. G’nY. In your view, what challenge does climate uncertainty pose to food production? According to the 2019 report on World Population Prospects by the United Nations, global population will grow from […]

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India's elderly population, old age, social security Mathew Cherian

Mathew Cherian I Envisioning a Kinder World

G’nY. In your view what are the three major issues concerning the aged in India?  kinder to India’s elderly population The first and foremost problem relates to pension plans as India lacks clarity and transparency in its pension system. Moreover, approximately 90 per cent of the country’s workers are employed in the unorganised sector which […]

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KJ Ramesh, IMD, Rainfall,

K J Ramesh I Bettering Monsoon Predictions

G’nY. Would you say that the accuracy of monsoon prediction has improved over the years? Monsoon rainfall predictions. Yes indeed. We have been able to improve the monsoon rainfall predictions on all temporal and spatial scales as far as rainfall distribution over the last 5 years is concerned. Coupled ocean-atmospheric model is run on a […]

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