Trans-South Asian Diaspora Philanthropy: A Driver for GCM?

Continuously increasing international migration of labour—ranging from the highly educated to low and medium skilled workers, comprising families, students and now growing numbers of refugees—marks the current global universe of human mobility. In September 2019, the most recent global migrant stock has been estimated at 272 million, up from 258 million in 2017 and 221 […]

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Climate Instability and Labour Migration in India

Climate instability has emerged as one of the major threats to the ongoing efforts of the Indian government in achieving the targets set under various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Keeping the labour and employment in the center of the development policy, climate instability has been recognised as a new challenge which affects the progress made […]

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India’s AI Applications in Healthcare

It is not surprising that India has a booming healthcare sector, considering that a population of 1.35 billion in 2018 is likely to exhibit myriad morbidities (World Bank, 2018). With a three-fold increase in the healthcare market and governmental projections pushing a 372 billion USD mark in 2022, the sector is ready for significant technological […]

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migration paradox

Migration Paradox: Misrepresentation of Duration in Census Data

The percentage of migrant population in India has gone up from 30.1 per cent in 2001 to 37.64 per cent in 2011 as per the recently released data from Population Census (Fig. 1). The growth rate of migrants has jumped from 35 per cent during 1991-01 to 45 percent during 2001-11.The rise is noted both […]

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free online course on Climate and Education

Free Online Courses on Climate and Education

Students from around the world have increasingly started opting for online education. We bring to you a collection of courses from top universities to help you open new avenues to learning. INTRODUCTION TO THE ARCTIC: CLIMATE Presented by: The University of Alberta Total Duration: 4 weeks Total Cost: Free online course with USD 30 certification […]

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Water Conservation and Management

Free Online Courses On Water Conservation and Management

Free online courses have helped disseminate specialised knowledge and enabled learners gain access to information at a scale previously unheard of. We present to you a few courses in the area of Water Conservation and Management to help you gain new avenues to learning. Introduction to Water and Climate Presented by:  Delft University of Technology […]

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Free online courses on women rights and development

Free Online Courses on Women’s Rights, Development and more

Free online courses are a resource unlike any other, which can help you gain access to knowledge in highly specialised areas. We present to you a few courses on gender, women’s rights and development, to help you gain new insights. Course 1 Name of the course: Confronting Gender Based Violence: Global Lessons for Healthcare Workers […]

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Smart City Mission

Smart Cities: An Alternative Perspective

It is almost impossible to criticise the basic imperatives that are driving the operationalisation of the Smart City Mission. Over the past two decades, serious concerns had been expressed about the deficiency of infrastructure and delivery of quality services, mis-governance and inadequacy of funds, particularly in large cities. A consensus has emerged that something major, […]

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