biomes of the world

Understanding the Classification of the Biomes of the World

No two ecosystems in locations around Earth can be said to have the exact assortment of species forming habitats in them. However, terrestrial ecosystems and biological communities of organisms can be classified into categories on the basis of climatic features and the predominant plant forms appearing in these locations. On the basis of these categories, […]

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Antarctic aquatic environments

Antarctic Subglacial Lakes Might Offer Unique Surprises

Radar measurements of subterranean Antarctica have revealed that a massive network of rivers, streams and lakes exist beneath the ice sheet in Antarctica. These regions are host to a number of Antarctic aquatic environments beneath the Antarctic ice sheet. Subglacial Lakes in Antarctica The radar measurements used include both surface and airborne radar measurements that […]

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Earth’s crust

Plate tectonics | Quick recycling of Earth’s crust in less than 500 million years

Plate tectonics and the mantle You may feel that the grounds you play football on every evening is unchanging as ever. However, nothing can be further from the truth. The earth’s crust too undergoes a cycle of birth and death that have changed the way our planet looks over millions of years. In 2011, scientists […]

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Wind Types | Why They are Not the Same at all Times

World wind types Ascertaining wind types is important to understand disaster’s. On May 30, 2017, a severe cyclonic storm ‘Mora’ crossed the Bangladesh coast in the forenoon, with a peak surface wind speed of 130 kmph (IMD, 2017). The cyclone claimed 9 lives in Bangladesh along with massive damage to property. Mizoram reported heavy rainfall accompanied […]

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limestone caverns

Stunning Limestone caverns | Debating how they were ever formed

Have you ever visited the Son Doong Cave in the forests of Vietnam. It is among the largest and most spectacular limestone caverns in the world, measuring 5.5 miles in length, with some of its largest  caverns high enough to house a 40 storey building. Inside the cave is a pristine jungle 600 feet below […]

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