The Koppen Climate Classification System

The Koppen climate classification system is a widely-utilized vegetation-based climate classification system that was created by the German botanist and climatologist Wladimir Koppen. The Koppen climate classification system is an attempt to come up with a formula to delineate climatic boundaries in correspondence with vegetation zones or biomes across the globe. These biomes were in […]

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problems in nuclear energy

Why Environmentalists Fear Increase in Nuclear Energy Production

The Science of Nuclear Energy Nuclear energy represents the energy released during a chain reaction in a nuclear reactor. The process involved in this is called nuclear fission of nuclear fuel, usually uranium, in the reactor. In power plants run using fossil fuel, coal, oil or natural gas is burned to produce heat. Heat is […]

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protecting forest dwellers, tribals of india, rural india

Protecting Forest Dwellers as an Essential Part of Indian Forests

In February 2002, the Supreme Court of India passed an order prohibiting state governments and also tribals and other traditional forest dwellers from removing dead, dying trees and grasses and trees felled by winds. This was followed by a handbook being distributed by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change  (MoEF&CC) prohibiting tribals and […]

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Canopy layer

Canopy Layers in Abundant Arboreal Forest Habitats

Forests are habitats where trees are usually the main form of vegetation, and can occur in many regions and climates. Forests can occur as tropical rainforests, temperate forests, boreal forests, and so on, and can form vertical layers of vegetation, an example of which is canopy layers, commonly known as forest canopies. Vertical Forest […]

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World Ozone Day Marks the thirtieth anniversary of Montreal Protocol

September 16 is celebrated as World Ozone Day every year . World Ozone day 2017 is special as it marks the 30th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol. The UN’s Ozone Secretariat launched into a communication campaign ahead of World Ozone Day 2017. #OzoneHeroes was launched on September 14th in a bid to create awareness of […]

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ISRO satellite

ISRO Satellite Launch Failure After Thirty Nine Successful Ones

Reasons for launch failure ISRO’s satellite IRNSS-1H’s launch on August 31, 2017 was declared unsuccessful. A S Kiran Kumar, Chairman, ISRO is reported to have said that the cause can be attributed to a failure of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle’s (PSLV’s) protective heat shield in separating and dropping off at the scheduled juncture. A […]

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Decoding Pelagic Deposits

Decoding Pelagic Deposits | Red Clay and Oozes under the Ocean

What are pelagic deposits? Ocean deposits usually consist of unconsolidated sediments, which can come from various sources, and are deposited at the ocean floor. Thickness of these  deposits vary greatly from one ocean to another (Fig.1). Ocean deposits can be differentiated on the basis of their composition, source, method of transit, and mode of distribution. […]

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Hurricane Irma I Triple Hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin

Hurricane Irma The eye of hurricane IRMA passed over Bermuda at around 1.47 am (5.47 am BST). Heavy rain and howling winds raked the neighbouring island of Antigua, sending debris flying as people huddled in their homes or government shelters (BST- British Summer Standard Time). The hurricane was so strong that it appeared on […]

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