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Conditioned to overlook – Food safety standards India

By: Staff Reporter

New Delhi, July 17 (G’nY News Service): The recent Maggie fiasco was without a doubt the most significant packaged foods scare in the last decade. It has yet again brought to light the issue of food safety in India, an area we Indians are habituated to overlook.

Let’s take a look at some of popular brands that came under the scanner in the recent past.

Pespi and Coca Cola

In 2006, Pepsi and Coca Cola, the two major cola giants found themselves in the eye of a brewing pesticide storm. ACentre for Science and Environment (CSE) test revealed that coke contained 30 times and Pepsi 36 times the amount of pesticides considered acceptable by the European Economic Commission (EEC).

Food 1

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Newsfeeds are teeming with Cadbury’s clandestine affair with worms. The first instance of this explicit affair surfaced in Maharashtra in 2003. Eventually complaints started pouring in from all across the country. – Kuch keeda ho jaye?

Food 2

Mother Diary
This revelation came to light first in 2015 when a Mother Diary packet bought from Bah Tehsil district of Uttar Pradeshin 2014 tested positive for detergent and extraneous fat.Incidentally, in 2014, a senior level Mother Dairy manager was sentenced to six months by a Delhi court for supplying adulterated low fat cream to a hotel in 2006.

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Two children in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, had to be rushed to the hospital after consuming Complan infested with worms. In another incident in Lucknow a lady discovered worms and insects in her Complan, prompting The Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA) authorities to order a test.

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Nestle Cerelac
An IT professional in June 2015 was shocked to discover a swarm of red worms in a packet of Cerelac he bought for his one year old son. His complaint with the Coimbatore State Food Safety Department instigated a laboratory test that reveled the worms to be weevils.

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Frooti (Parle Agro India Pvt. Ltd)
Discovery of dead lizards, snakesand other withered invasive creatures in Frooti packs aren’t news anymore. Recently, Frooti’s 30th anniversary celebrations were marred when numerous accounts of a black substance discovered in tetra packs came in to light.

Food 6

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Clearly, snicker gives you more protein than you ask for.

Food 7

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Mazaa also joined the bandwagon when copious amounts of red soldier ants were discovered in one of their bottles in Nagpur in Maharashtra.

Food 8

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Glucon D
A packet of 500gm of Gucon D was found with insects in Bulandshahr district of west Uttar Pradesh.Following this, food safety officers immediately confiscated 5 more packets from the same shop and sent them all for testing.

Food 9

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Nestle NAN PRO
Yet another entry from Nestle. A Coimbatore resident, claimed to have found live larvae in a pack of Nestle NAN PRO 3 milk powder that he bought for his twin babies on April 14. Allegedly, one of the babies developed an allergic rash after drinking the milk.

Food 10

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Although contaminated packaged foods are a staple in news feeds of our country, our nonchalance towards it highlights the hypocrisy with which we promote organic food on one hand yet compromise on statutory norms set by the government for packaged foods on the other.

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