Parts of Assam that are hazardous as a flood-prone area

Though almost all districts in Assam are a flood-prone area, areas close to Bramhaputra river and some other districts are the most hazardous, 7% of Assam.

Floods are a universal problem in Assam, with almost all districts in Assam being flood affected. Many parts of Assam get regularly inundated each year. About 1.55 lakh hectares land in Assam come under the very high risk category as a flood-prone area. Among the most hazardous areas are those areas that are close to the Bramhaputra river. Among the districts, out of the total 32 districts, 17 districts of Assam are the worst affected by flood.  However, parts of Cachar, Karimganj, and Hailakandi count as among the most hazardous flood-prone areas. The data indicates that flood patterns were oscillating in the period between 1998 to 2015. Out of the total land area, about 7 per cent comprise the very high and high hazard flood-prone areas. In the moderate risk category falls 23 per cent of the total land area. And, 80 per cent of the land comes under low to very low risk category as flood-prone area.

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