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Free Online Courses On Water Conservation and Management

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Free online courses have helped disseminate specialised knowledge and enabled learners gain access to information at a scale previously unheard of. We present to you a few courses in the area of Water Conservation and Management to help you gain new avenues to learning.

Introduction to Water and Climate

Presented by:  Delft University of Technology

Total Duration: 7 weeks

Total Cost: Free course with USD 50 certification fee

Certification: Available

Latest engineering interventions for water management in rivers, coasts and urban environment are the key areas covered by this course. Over a period of 7 weeks, professors specialising in diverse areas such as Water Resource Management, Hydrology and Coastal Engineering will elucidate on the processes in the global water cycle, water engineering in rivers, coastal and urban environments, and challenges pertaining to food and water management for cities.

Link: https://bit.ly/2kTHoT5

Water Resources Management and Policy 

Presented by: University of Geneva

Total Duration: 5 weeks

Total Cost: Free course with USD 29 certification fee

Certification: Available

The objective of this Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) is to develop an understanding of the problems related to water management. It will look at water use and activities associated with it as well as any potential conflicts. Students will gain an insight into the main issues and strategies linked to water resource management and acquire an understanding of the many variables which affect water and which, in terms of management, may require adjustment.

Link:  https://bit.ly/1oyUK6U

Urban Water – Innovations for Environmental Sustainability

Presented by: The University of British Columbia

Total Duration: 6 weeks

Total Cost: Free course with USD 50 certification fee

Certification: Available

Featuring a study of the city of Vancouver, Canada, this course helps students learn about water-related dimensions of environmentally sustainable urbanism. Over a period of six weeks, lectures and documentaries featuring architects, planners, artists, engineers, and academics that have created real-world innovations that will be used to disseminate information on the connect between water and sustainability. Students will learn core concepts such as ‘water nexus’ and ‘regenerative sustainability’, ‘eco-health’ and the role of water in environmentally-sensitive urban planning and water ethics.

Link: https://bit.ly/1Dbx4bx

Sustainability of Social-Ecological Systems: Water, Energy and Food

Presented by: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Total Duration: 8 weeks

Total Cost: Free course with USD 29 certification fee

Certification: Available

This course adopts a holistic approach to inculcate an understanding among students and make them familiar with the complex water-food-energy connect. Directed towards undergraduate and graduate students from a wide variety of disciplines – environmental sciences, engineering, agricultural sciences – as well as towards professionals, the course will include practical case studies from both developed and developing countries to help students evaluate the conditions of environmental problems in a  given community or country and to evaluate possible solutions.

Link: https://bit.ly/2ud4UBk

The Biology of Water and Health – Sustainable Interventions

Presented by: Tufts University

Total Duration: 8 weeks

Total Cost: Free course with USD 50 certification fee

Certification: Available

This course focuses on conventional technologies for drinking water treatment. The emphasis is on the effect of treatment on water quality and the dimensions of the unit processes in the treatment chain. In the four modules in this course, students will be introduced to the basics of drinking water treatment and methods of identifying drinking water quality parameters that need improvement. The course aims to help students recognise the process units in urban water services. Focussing on basic drinking water technologies, it describes the function of these process units and make simple design calculations on drinking water treatment plants.

Link: https://bit.ly/2Jlc52w

Water Resource Management – Community scale water harvesting, watershed management, rainwater harvesting

Presented by:  Centre for Sustainable Development, California, USA

Total Duration: 8 weeks

Total Cost:  USD 100

Certification: Available

Different water conservation techniques are the focus areas of this course. Over a period of 8 weeks, students will need to conduct ground level surveys and participate in community based water conservation activities. They include contacting a water management expert about developing a participatory process and training programme, facilitating  the organisation of community-based Water Conservation and Management Committee, surveying community members to identify their knowledge of water use and more. Four foundational courses and four elective courses will need to be completed, following which a student will be provided with a diploma in Integrated CBA, DRR and Rural Development.

Link:  https://bit.ly/2sMZNVu

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