Geography and You (English) and Bhugol Aur Aap (Hindi) are two fortnightly and monthly journo-mags respectively that encompass various aspects of the multidisciplinary branch of semi-scientific study, embodying works in different genres of science, technology and sociology around the globe. The journo-mags have completed two decades of success. The magazine has a readership of over nearly a million now, making it India's most authentic and popular science magazine.

Special Issues

Geography and You understands and appreciates the need for access to quality information. It is for this foremost cause that the magazine was conceived. In keeping with our tradition of imparting and sharing well researched and fully credited content we GIFT you Free selected e-mag issues of G'nY from 2011 onwards. We hope you will find them useful and delightful. Happy reading. Editor, G'nY

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Current Issue

As the world is grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic, the latest issue of G’nY titled Rethink-Reboot-Remake presents before its readers an issue dedicated to the analysis of the various impacts of the novel coronavirus crisis. The present issue has articles by experts about how institutional systems like global health care and critical health is impacted; the widening socioeconomic inequalities due to the neoliberal policies followed by the global leaders; a discussion on the urgent need to revamp and revisit our urban cities/spaces to tackle epidemics; the current hunger crisis in India among the migrant community due to the Covid-19 and a possible future solution to malnutrition by encouraging the planting fruit trees in public spaces; the construction of seawalls by Maldives to tackle global warming; an analysis on the wet markets operating in most Asian countries and how the global authorities are looking to regulate the same to prevent similar outbreaks like Covid-19. The present issue will also have an interesting photo feature on the Boti tribe in West Timor, their centuries-old philosophy and sustainable life-style practices, living in isolation that could help the world cope during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Check out all our previous magazines to generate knowledge on science and technology, climate change, economy, life, population, disasters and agriculture. Each issue is equivalent to a book with a rich repository of information, thematically presented. A unique collection indeed.

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Our books comprise topics that cover diverse subject areas, as we are multidisciplinary in nature. It covers topics such as pollution, biodiversity, policy interventions, energy,adaption, science and more. We also present a range of NBT books, specially curated on areas that would interest our readers. The compilation is especially useful for students and researchers who are looking for rich compilations.

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