Guidelines for Submission of Articles in G'nY Print Magazine

Writers willing to contribute are requested to follow G'nY's guidelines and style sheet while writing the article. It will help in organising the content, especially in terms of references and citations.

The write-ups accepted for print in the RNI and ISSN accredited G'nY magazine can be:

  1. Research based articles
  2. Case studies
  3. Case studies
  4. A sector overview
  5. Experiential articles (travel and more)
  6. Issue based opinion substantiated with data
  7. Concept based article
  8. Innovation based scientific features

Points to be noted regarding G'nY style sheet:

  1. The text should contain original content.
  2. Kindly use only UK English (like organisation,standardisation, colour, labour and more).
  3. 1 to 10 should be written in words (not when depicting quantity).
  4. Percent should be written as 'per cen'.
  5. No special characters to be used.
  6. Use INR for rupee and USD for dollars etc.
  7. Repetition of idea or content should be avoided.
  8. An abbreviation may be opened out once at the outset and thereafter abbreviation may to be used in subsequent text (eg. World Health Organisation (WHO) is a premiere health organisation in the world. WHO has various branches across the globe.).
  9. Avoid over hyphenating.
  10. Use long dash wherever connecting two sentences.
  11. G'nY follows the date format mm/dd/yy. The format for the date may be written as April 22, 2018.
  12. Please do not copy any material from anywhere, incase you use reference from any article, website, news website, journal etc; kindly cite their references in the article.

Format to be followed while submitting an article:

  1. Headline (Title of the article) 6-8 words
  2. Sub headline - 10 words
  3. Abstract 50 - 70 words
  4. Introduction
  5. Sub heads in the article
  6. Endnote (or Conclusion)
  7. References in proper format with citations in the text (click here for an example)
  8. Two blurbs (highlighted text) to be provided (10-15 words each) and brief information (summary of 100 words) to be provided for graph or chart provided.
  9. Graphs, charts should be prepared in MS Office (Word/Excel) and not in jpeg or any other format.
  10. The images sent along with the articles should of high-resolution along with its source.
  11. Contact details with mobile number with brief bio
  12. A template in word, which will serve to guide you may be download from this link.


Authors are requested to provide six to eight words that will serve as keywords for their articles.


    Feature Articles:

Article should not be usually more than 2, 500 words including notes and references.

Submissions should be sent to:

Submissions should not have been published simultaneously in any other magazine, newspaper, website or any other publishing forum.

Opinion Pieces:

Geography and You invites short contribution to 'opinion' section on topical themes, pertinent in the news issues related to climate change, developmental issues, branches of geography, environmental, social and economic issues. These should ideally be of 800-900 words.

Books/Website Alerts:

A short description of about 100 words on latest books on geography, science, economy and development can be submitted under this head.

Critical Overviews of Policies:

Critiques on the latest policy prescriptions, debate are invited to be included in this section. The word limit is about 800-1000 words.


Readers of Geography and You are requested to send their comments (50-60 words) on the published pieces in the magazine, website or any other social media site.


Contributors are requested provide their full information along with their postal address along with their submissions. We request the writers to not provide the revised versions based on deletions or additions in the articles as it may lead to delay in the processing of article/s.


The copyright of all the articles belongs to Geography and You only. G'nY usually posts all the published articles in its own print version, on its website and further posts on various online databases under its banner.

Permission for Reproduction:.

No published article or feature is to be reproduced in any other journal or website without seeking permission of Geography and You. Please write for permission at

Address of communication:

Editorial Office: 707 Bhikaji Cama Bhawan, R K Puram, New Delhi-110066, India