Heavy rains hit Gujarat creating flood like situation

By: Staff Reporter

New Delhi, June 25 (G’nY News Service): Heavy rainfall has hit the southern part of Gujarat in past two days. Called Saurashtra, the south of Gujarat received heavy rainsthat triggered flood like situation in various parts of Rajkot, Amreli and Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad received 130 mm of rainfall in 24 hours making it the highest rainfall for the city in past 10 years.

Along with Ahmedabad, other districts are also suffering substantial losses. The district of Amreli is worst affected with 34 deaths and 23 casualties; 1500 people are rescued and shifted to safer places. About 5 deathswere reported in Bhavnagar district and 2 in Rajkot. Over 4,121 people were relocated from Rajkot and 100 from Bhavnagar.

Earlier this week, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted heavy rainfall in the Southern regions of Gujarat due to a depression built over the Arabian Sea. This depression created cyclonic circulations which slowed the south-western monsoon but increased its intensity.

The lashing rains has prompted the Ahmedabad centre of IMD to issue warning of heavy rainfall today. Fishermen are advised not to go to the coastal areas and stay at safer places. It also warned of heavy floods if rainfall continues at this intensity.


(Photo courtesy: www.focusnews.com) 

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