Kharif sowing increased by 58 per cent

By: Staff Reporter

New Delhi, July 6 (G’nY News Service): The arrival of monsoon provedto be a boon for the country. Due to sufficient rainfall, the area under kharif crop increased significantly.

With the rains pouring in, the nation was relieved from the extreme heat wave and the fears of a draught year. With heavy rains, the month of June brought bliss in many parts of India with 28% more than normal rainfall. Following this, many regions have increased the area for sowing Kharif crop. According to official reports, there is 58% increase in the area for sowing Kharif crops, as compared to last year.

The data released by the Agriculture Ministry shows that oil seed plantation has increased 403% and pulses by 133%. The area under rice plantation has also increased to 5.4 million hectare as compared to last year’s 5.3 million hectares. Cotton production also increased by 70%, which is 6 million hectare this year from 3.5 million hectare last year, and coarse seeds by 51%.

Experts believe that this will successfully bring down the soaring prices of lentils. The increase in cropping will also enhance production and hence, the country’s Gross Domestic Product will rise.

Kharif sowing increased

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