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Krishnapatnam Port honoured with Golden Peacock Environment Management Award

By: Staff Reporter

New Delhi, 28 July (G’nY News service): Discussions about climate and the environment are gaining prominence. There is a heightened awareness among the public about the dangers of reckless business practices and its impact on the environment. Any policy made by the government today is hallmarked with the term sustainable growth.

Winner GPEMA 2015

Winner GPEMA 2015: 17th World Congress on Environment Management in New Delhi on July 11th, 2015.

More and more companies today are taking up green initiatives and are contributing significantly to the environment. This year’s Golden Peacock awards highlighted a good lot of organizations for their environment friendly attempts. The Golden Peacock Environment Management Award is a prestigious award given by the Institute of Directors to organizations that has contributed the most to the environment and has, in the process set an example for others to follow.

One of the most commendable among the 43 companies that received the award was Krishnapatnam Port Company Ltd. As a part of their green campaign, Krishnapatnam Port undertook bold initiatives both within the port premises and its surrounding areas. The company has planted over 20 lakh trees within the port and around 20,000 trees in the adjoining areas. Officials from the company revealed that they planted more than 2 million saplings in over 254 Ha, even though the statutory requirement is only 191 Ha.

Mr. Anil Yendluri, Director & CEO of Krishnapatnam Port told G’nY, “We have a long-term biodiversity management plan for protecting and conserving mangroves. Our focus is not only on the existing port premises and its surrounding areas; we also envisage developing mangroves in new areas of the port premises. Till now, KPCL has developed more than 50 hectare of mangroves by adding native mangrove species which are existing in and around the port area of the ecosystem. As a sustainable measure, local fishermen are allowed inside the port through the Buckingham Canal for fishing even after the establishment of the Port. There is a good increase in availability of fish in and around the port area.”

The company also provided gas connections to nearby villagers so as to shift their dependence from the mangrove trees for fuel.

DSC 0509

Mr C Sasidhar, Managing Director, Krishnapatnam Port Company Limited, and Mr Anil Yendluri, Director & CEO, receiving the Golden Peacock Environment Management Award from the Hon’ble Minister of Environment & Forests and Climate Change, Shri Prakash Javadekar.

The company also stressed on solar energy by using solar lights in their premises and installing solar heaters in their employee colonies.A generous INR 207 crore was spent on education, health, safety, environment, skill development and community development for more than 36 villages around the port.

The company also contributed significantly towards water conservation by adopting atomizers which covers 16 times more area and consumes 42% less water. Also, the water used for washing the trucks is reused in dust suppression on dry cargo yards. The utilized water is treated by a 300KLD Sewage Treatment Plant for green belt development. The Port has also developed 12 rain water harvesting ponds having a total catchment area of 5.26 lakh sq mt.

On asked about the need for such initiatives, Anil Yendulri told G’nY, “We believe our role in environment management extends far beyond our own premises and reaches out to nearby communities, societies and industrial regions. We have therefore adopted environment-friendly and sustainable operations and processes to maintain harmony and achieve a fine balance between growth and environment protection. Several such measures help us achieve our goal of becoming a world-class port that contributes to the economy and achieves a sustainable and inclusive overall growth.”

Another significant initiative adopted by the Krishnapatnam Port is electrifying their railway lines and cranes replacing the earlier traditional trucking. This resulted in fuel savings of 9446 KL, implying reduction of nearly 24,935 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

According to Anil Yendluri, the company has also concentrated its endeavors on recycling domestic sewage for reuse in other areas. “We utilize a ‘4R’ approach (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Recover/Recharge) to meet 56% of KPCL’s water requirement,” he said.

“We have successfully achieved 50% reduction in food wastage in the Port from FY 2013-14 to FY 2014-15, leading to reduced carbon footprint. This also has helped the company in introducing natural composting made from biodegradable food waste of the canteens/vessels. We also utilize environment friendly recycled material for the packing of food parcels of more than 3000 employees daily,” the CEO said.

Another novel initiative adopted by the Krishnapatnam Port was involving the local populations in their endeavors. Bridging the gap between the company and the local inhabitants, it has not only spurred growth and development in the region but also has set a good precedent for other companies to follow.

Mr. Yendluru, highlighting achievements of the company, told G’nY, “Krishnapatnam Port has taken significant steps towards environment management and has set a strong example for other companies to follow.”

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