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Uttarkashi district is under a constant landslide threat

By: Staff Reporter
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Bhatwari block in Uttarakashi district of Uttarakhand is under an immediate landslide threat from a landslide dam. About 24 km from the India China border, this  dam  created on river Sonam is a threat to the downstream river bank communities, roads and bridges, other structures and most importantly ecology.

 Sonam Camp of Indo-Tibetan Border Police force (ITBP), just 4 km downstream from the dam, bridge connecting with Jadung Camp, Naga Bridge, Naga Camp, Border Road Organisation (BRO) bridge being constructed along Nelang river are said to be under landslide threat. The dam is also a threat to Dharali, Harshil, Bagori, Jhala villages in Gangotri Valley, and other villages along the bank of the river.

In 1978, breach of a similar landslide reservoir on the same river led to extensive damage in Bhatwari, Maneri, Gangori tehsils.

 Similarly, back in 2012 there was a similar incident at the same location. A debris dammed reservoir was created due to landslide, but the rapid currents of the river Sonam washed it away.

 The landslide event on Sonam (Bhagirathi basin) created a lake of about 90 m long, 80 m wide and 1.5-3 m deep, apparently formed due to landslide during cloud burst on July 27, 2016. It was important to start draining water from the lake. However, a tussle continued between the district administration and the ITBP official, as one claimed that the lake was not such a threat while the other asserted that it was a wrong perception created to hide one’s inabilities.

 A team of officials sent by the District Collector had submitted a report on gravity of landslide threat but the report is not yet accessible to the public domain.

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