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Obesity and Malnutrition will go side by side in the same family

By: Staff Reporter

Leading food analyst from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Alan Dangour suggested that the world is heading towards a stage where malnutrition and obesity will go hand in hand within the same family.

According to his findings, nutritious food today has become expensive and the high calorie, unhealthy food is easily available. This throws up many contradictions. This suggests that food which is good for us is out of our reach whereas the food that we should be avoiding is easily available to us.

He further added that just because we are eating a lot does not mean that our body is getting all the nutrients it requires. Obesity is also a form of malnutrition where one mineral in the body is in excess of the others.

Under nutrition causes stunting and starvation in children whereas obesity is another form of malnutrition which is caused by eating the wrong kind of food. So you might end up with a situation in a family where the mother is obese whereas her child is undernourished. In such a scenario, the mother should not be blamed as she would mostly buy food that is cheap, high on calorie but low on content.

This poses a big threat to us as both these conditions cause severe health problems which further compound the problem. The healthcare systems all across the world do not have the capacity to handle such a huge health pandemic.

Such a problem can only be solved by agile government schemes to ensure that healthy foods are subsidized and easily accessible whereas unhealthy ones are discouraged. The public must have access to nutritious diet for leading a healthy lifestyle.

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