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Ozone Column in India

By: Nandita Ganguly

The stratosphere, a region above the weather producing layer—troposphere contains around 90 per cent of the earth’s ozone. Depletion of this stratospheric ozone leads to deleterious environmental effects, thus necessitating continuous monitoring. The ozone column above the Indian subcontinent has been examined since 1970 and measurements show that although the total ozone content has not changed significantly—there has been a small reduction in stratospheric ozone and a substantial increase in tropospheric (surface) ozone. The transit time of ozone depleting chemicals from the earth’s surface to the stratosphere in the tropics is normally three to five years—however, since the life time of these gases in the stratosphere varies from a few years to hundreds of years, despite reduced or eliminated use of many CFCs their impact from the past may be affecting the ozone layer at present.

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