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Peer Review Policy for Website

Peer Review Policy for Website
General information
The following types of pieces submitted to Geography and You are peer-reviewed:
● Articles, Technical Reports, Analysis Reports and Reviews.
● All forms of post publication corrections may also be peer-reviewed at the sole discretion of the editor.
In spite of the list above, articles published in specific subsections or subjects, particularly if they present technical information, may be peer-reviewed at the discretion of the editor.
The Peer Review Policy
Geography and You follows the double blind peer review system. The authors remain anonymous to the referees throughout the review process. The G’nY offices are responsible for anonymising manuscripts accordingly. A secure correspondence channel is established between the reviewer and the author to ensure a smooth experience for both parties. The correspondence is monitored and managed by the editorial office at Geography and You.
The Peer Review System
The peer review system at Geography and You is divided into 6 distinct steps:
1. Submission of Paper: The paper is received by the editorial office from the author.
2. Assessment by the editorial office: The paper’s adherence to the composition and structure guidelines as prescribed by Geography and You is checked by the office to make sure it includes the required sections and stylisations. The quality of the content is not checked at this point.
3. Assessment by the Editor-in-Chief: The editor-in-chief reviews the paper for its intellectual merit and originality. If the editor-in-chief decides that the paper doesn’t meet our standards, it may be rejected without any further review.
4. Invitation to reviewers: The editor-in-chief invites domain experts and eminent subject academicians for reviewing the selected pieces.
5. Anonymous review is conducted: The reviewers read and comment on the paper. If the reviewer feels that the paper doesn’t meet the required standards and contains a major flaw, the paper might get rejected at this stage. The editor-in-chief is appraised about the reviewer’s recommendation; whether to accept (with minor/major changes), reject or revise the paper. In case of revisions, a communication channel to guide the author through the revision is established at the discretion of the editor-in-chief.
6. Receipt of Revised Manuscript: The reviewer is notified upon receipt of the revised manuscript. If the reviewer is satisfied, the manuscript is sent to production and if not, comments are sent to authors to further revise the paper until a consensus is reached and the paper is subsequently published.
The editor-in-chief at Geography and You highly values the peer review process. It is her experience and belief that the peer-review process is an essential part of the publication process, improving the manuscripts published by Geography and You. The exchange of comments and information during the review process greatly contributes to the technical accuracy and refinement of the articles. This rigorous process forms the backbone of our publishing standards at Geography and You. We are extremely appreciative and grateful to our valued collaborators, the peer reviewers in helping us uphold the highest yardsticks of intellectual publishing.