Revoluzione’14: The Ultimate Celebration


Revoluzione’14: The Ultimate Celebration

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Situated in NTPC (Badarpur) campus, National Power Training Institute (NPTI) hosts an annual gala attended by many renowned dignitaries and college students from all around the country. This 3-day long celebration consists of a medley of various art forms including music, dance, debate, dramatics and many more. Among the few top institutes of Delhi, NPTI through Revoluzione, provides an opportunity for students from several respected colleges to showcase their talent and compete on a national level.

The Revolutionary Fest “Revoluzione“ starts on 7th March at NTPC, Badarpur Campus and ends with a bang on 9th march at Delhi Haat, Pitampura.

Revoluzione is enriched with melody by mega-events, namely X-Factor, Rhapsody, Dancing Sensation and La Mode. X-Factor is an arena where solo or group singers go head to head to compete for the ultimate prize until one emerges triumphant. On the other hand, Rhapsody is a mini Mecca for semi pro bands from across the country. Only a few selected bands get a shot at graduating from the psychedelic slopes of NPTI sublime stage. Rhapsody promise unforgettable night with power packed promises, larynx shredding vocals and mammoth power chord rows in an arena inducing adrenalin rushes and encores. Revoluzione will set your soul free as you lose control over yourself, and enter a state of pure ecstasy with dance performances by teams from several colleges as they show the nation what they got, although only one would get to bask in the glory as the ultimate Dancing Sensation. One of the most talked about events during Revoluzione and after it as well, the fashion La Moda, is a huge crowd puller. It brings all the gla
mour, style and attitude from college teams in Delhi and beyond. Excitement levels reach dizzying heights as the glamorous models set the ramp on fire with their oomph and panache leaving the audience yearning for more.

Apart from cultural events, Revoluzione provides an array of literary and technical events that will test the intelligence, knowledge, wit, imagination, creativity, spontaneity, linguistic proficiency of participants. Revoluzione will enable them to unleash the power of their brain as they walk through the crafty maze of Literary Competitions which include Debate, Poetry, Extempore and a range of quizzes. Technical events at Revoluzione including LAN gaming, robo-race, robo-war and power drift will test skills that will bring out the engineer within. Then, there are several mini events like bridge making, tongue twister, paper plane flying etc. which will keep everyone entertained all day long.

For the finale, Revoluzione ends the celebration with a huge bang. Arguably the most awaited night in the Delhi college circuit, the pro nights at Revoluzione feature mind blowing performances by international, national and regional stars. Pro shows at Revoluzione promise to be even more entertaining with power packed performances that would leave the crowd craving for more. So save yourself from regret and come, be a part a part of Revoluzione’14-The Ultimate Celebration.


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