Sanitation Initiative: involving schools

By: Staff Reporter

Under the National School Sanitation Initiative, a launch event was organised on April 27, 2010 by the Ministries of Urban Development and Human Resource Development. The initiative aims to involve children by sensitising them on issues related to sanitation as well as other ecological concerns like energy efficiency, conservation of natural resources and segregation of waste. Brand Ambassador for School Sanitation, film star Aamir Khan participated in the event.

The National School Initiative is a part of the National Urban Sanitation Policy (NUSP) which was adopted in October 2008, with the vision to develop sanitised, healthy and liveable towns and cities. Some measures initiated for implementing the Policy include, awareness generation and behavioural change; open defecation free cities; integrated city wide sanitation; sanitary and safe disposal and proper operation and maintenance of all sanitary installations. The NUSP requires each state to formulate its own State Urban Sanitation Strategy taking into account its local urban context. Cities will operationalise the state strategy by preparing and implementing City Sanitation Plans.

With the active participation and involvement all stakeholders, including the children, India may yet achieve its vision of totally sanitised cities.

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