A. Technical and Scientific Instrumentation Training:
1. GIS training on QGIS:
Training under the DST has been conducted for faculties of over 400 schools all over the nation. QGIS as an open source software that has been taught to faculties though a project work assigned and GPS parameters drawn through field work. Lectures were followed by lab work in an intensive and interactive manner with trainers from DST and IIT Mumbai. The training programme offered composite GIS, remote sensing, and GPS training services to develop critical spatial understanding. Our training was further strengthened by the new capabilities, tools, solutions and types of talent we brought into the domain.

2. Automated Weather Station Training: LIGHTS has completed training for automated weather stations in educational institutes. The stations have been set up within the premises of the institute keeping in mind the best site availability. Selected faculty and students were trained for a period of 3 – 6 months on climatological parameters, such as heat and cold waves, thunderstorms, air pressure changes, sunshine and wind parameters. Senior faculty from India Meteorological Department, India, led the training. The training was much appreciated among the faculty and the institutions.

3. Air Quality Training Programme: Instrumentation led, air quality training was imparted to 20 government schools in Delhi, with three active experiments each, that helped students and faculty grasp difficult concepts of wind direction, carbon footprint and differing air quality in terms of pm 2.5 and pm 10. The programme ended very successfully with the best performing school being awarded the air quality measuring instrument that was used to conduct experiments.

B. Consultancy for Technical Paper Submission: 

LIGHTS has been publishing a journal, report and other technical documents for a while now. It is in a position now to open its doors to young people who need guidance for their papers, thesis and other academic work. Professors and senior faculty can edit, copyedit, point out technical changes required and work on footnoting and reference styles as per the requirements of journals/reports etc. For further information regarding this please write to with the subject line as Technical paper submission regarding.

C. Technical / Scientific Client Publication Support: 

We have successfully designed and printed various kinds of books, newsletters, brochures, thematic calendars and technical reports for clients. We have collated matter, edited these, provided infographics and photo content wherever needed from our in-house resources. Prominent works include AkshayUrja newsletter for Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Nehru Yuva Sandesh newsletter for Nehru Yuva Kendra, and a 900 page Energy Efficiency book for a World Bank funded project. Our works may be seen here.

D. Conducting Client Case or Field Studies:

We have worked with the Bihar government to provide a weighted and scored questionnaire for disaster resilience in government hospitals, with sampling done from four locations in the field as validation of the questionnaire. The questionnaire evolves a score that can be assigned to the said hospitals to gauge its disaster resilience capacity. Apart from this we have undertaken several case and field studies, funded by governmental ministries. Ranging from wind power stations in Jaisamler to dam site studies on Chamera, field work and its report has been prepared by the organisation. The process has been first to select the sample, prepare and validate the questionnaire and undertake fieldwork through trained personnel. The data is then processed at the data entry station and analysis is undertaken by subject experts and a draft report is presented to the organisation within the stipulated time period. The draft once finalised is edited and printed. For every engagement, we assemble a team with the most appropriate mix of experience and expertise.